chapter 7 w430 exam 2

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  1. Where do change strategies begin?
    • the starting point for setting a program=total change strategy
    • OD strategy is a plan for integrating different activities to accomplish objectives
    • -strategies are the overall plans and direction that an OD program will take
  2. What are the 3 basic types of changeĀ  strategies and examples of each.
    • Structural- attempt to change an organization by modifying the line of authority.
    • Technical- implement new technologies, new computer
    • Behavioral- Emphasize the use of human resource.
  3. what are overt and covert components of the organization
    • overt- these components are publicly observable, rational, and oriented to structural considerations (job description,goals, mission)
    • covert- these components are hidden, affective and oriented to social and psychological process and behavior (personal views, patterns, norms)
  4. Stream Analysis; what is it, how do we use it
    • Useful in planning, helping organization plan interventions
    • Provides graphical view of change.
    • (It where we are and where we want to go)
  5. What makes a stream analysis good/useful
    • triggers
    • "holes" and "busy periods"
    • helps use plan and keep track
    • where we've been and where we have to go
  6. OD intervention
    • range of actions designed to improve the health or functioning of the client system
    • Interventions are specific means, activities, and programs
  7. when choosing and OD intervention, what kinds of things should practitioners and clients consider?
    • Potential results of technique (will it solve the problem)
    • Potential implementation of techniques (cost vs benefits)
    • Potential acceptance of techniques
  8. Intervention techniques focus on
    • Individual
    • team or group
    • intergroups
    • total organization
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