chapter 8 w430 exam 2

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  1. what do Disney's leaders do 203
    • They have been using the same managing style since the 50's
    • Leadership excellence, people management, loyalty
    • Also the managers work the front lines and are very inclusive
  2. What kind of changes are taking place with management activities?
    • change occurring in leadership styles because of importance of team
    • Past- manager over see the job
    • Now- manager over see job and coach people
    • Manager today need new skills, they need to understand group and team behaviors
  3. what is process interventions (PIs). what are the purpose,goal, and desired outcomes
    • A process intervention is an OD practitioner skill for helping work groups become more effective.
    • Purpose
    • 1. become more aware of group members work with one another
    • 2. help understand the impact on one another
    • Goal- help work groups develop their own problem-solving ability
  4. what is group content?
    what is group process?
    • group content- what a group does (the task)
    • group process- how the group goes about accomplishing the task
  5. what are characteristics of a group the perform well
    • defined goal
    • listen
    • leaders and follower
    • respectful
  6. 5 areas that group PIs usually focus on. What do PIs include?
    • 1. communication
    • 2. member roles and functions in groups
    • 3. group problem solving
    • norms and growth
    • 5. leadership and authority
  7. What do process interventions include?
    • clarifying
    • summarizing
    • questioning
    • listening
    • coaching
    • modeling
    • feedback
  8. results of process interventions?
    • research findings suggest positive effects on participants
    • Major corporations (GE IBM and 3M) are using this with there companies
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