Beck Response Cards - Sabotage

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  1. Candy
    Don't buy candy!  Having it around will only tax your willpower.  If you bought some and it's tempting you, then get rid  of it.  It's not worth it!
  2. Cutting down the need to use willpower
    It's not always easy to exert dieting willpower, so it's worth it to limit the number of times you need to do so.  Whether this means keeping certain foods out of your house, only bringing in individual sized portions, or putting away leftovers immediately after you serve, the more you cut down the need to use willpower the less you will have to rely on it.
  3. I'll just eat this (unplanned food) and make up for it later.
    When has "making up for it later" ever really had the results I want?  Besides, every time I eat unplanned food, I make it more likely I'll do so the next time, and the next time, and will make it harder to stick to my plan.  It's worth it to stay on plan now so that I can make my life EASIER!
  4. Cravings are about want, NOT need.
    When you think, "I really need this food right now," remind yourself, "Actually, I really want this food right now, but I also really, really, really want all the benefits of weight loss so much more.  It's worth it to resist because it will get me to my goals."
  5. Just for today
    Focus on what you can do today.  If you think "I can't keep this up for a month or longer" then remind yourself, "FORGET THE LONG TERM.  I KNOW I CAN CONTINUE TO WHAT I NEED TO DO TODAY.  IF IT'S HARD TOMORROW, I'LL DEAL WITH IT THEN."
  6. Don't buy candy!
    Having it around will only tax your willpower.

     If you have bought something that is tempting you, it's worth getting rid of it.
  7. I'm too stressed to diet right now.
    There will always be life stressors, so now might be as good a time as any to start working on healthy eating.  Besides, stress never needs to go away for me to lose weight, what needs to change is my response to stress and the way I deal with it.
  8. I'm entitled, I deserve or I earned this....
    Look out for those sabotaging thoughts!

    If you have to justify to yourself why it's okay to eat something, it often means you shouldn't.
  9. When dieting feels hard.....
    remind yourself that it hasn't always been this hard (try to think of specific times when it felt easier and you were feeling great) and it won't always be this hard.

    As long as you keep pushing through, dieting WILL get easier again.
  10. I paid for it, I need to eat it all.
    The money is spent whether you eat it or not.  You should focus on the experience of enjoying the event, night out, company  and not eating every bit on my plate.
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