European Explorers

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  1. An English explorer who traveled completely around the world (circumnavigate)
    Sir Francis Drake
  2. A Spanish explorer who was the first European to explore the state of Florida
    Juan Ponce De Leon
  3. An Italian explorer who traveled to Asia and China looking for spices
    Marco Polo
  4. A Portuguese explorer who found a sea route from Portugal to Asia by going south around Africa
    Vasco de Gama
  5. An Italian explorer who sailed for Spain and discovered the new world
    Christopher Columbus
  6. A member of the Portuguese royal family who established a school that taught people how to navigate the seas
    Prince Henry the Navigator
  7. A Spanish explorer who conquered the Incan natives that lived in Peru
    Francisco Pizarro
  8. An English explorer who discovered the continent of Australia and set up a penal colony there.
    Captain James Cook
  9. A Spanish explorer that conquered the Aztecs that lived in Mexico
    Hernan Cortes
  10. An English explorer who discovered the Hudson Bay and Hudson Rivers in Canada
    Henry Hudson
  11. An English explorer who discovered the coast of Canada and set up the first European colony in Canada.
    John Cabot
  12. A French explorer who made alliances with the natives of Canada and set up a French colony in Canada.
    Jacques Cartier
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