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  1. "Making the rounds" technique
    Gestalt for groups, members to speak directly to other group members
  2. Client expects certain responses from others
    Adlerian "scripts" or "games"
  3. Child Ego State responses
    emotional, regardless of age
  4. Overgeneralizations, false or impossible goals of securty, misperceptions of life and life's demands, minimization of one's worth, faulty values
    Adlerian "basic mistakes"
  5. Blocks to energy
    Gestalt, bodily tension representing other forms of resistance
  6. TA's 4 life positions
    I'm ok, you're not ok... etc
  7. Thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and behaviors replayed from childhood
    TA Child Ego State
  8. Positive addiction
    Reality therapy, way to enhance one's own psychological strength (meditation, exercise)
  9. People have 3 observable ego states in TA
    Parent, Adult, and Child
  10. Re-own disowned parts in step-by-step unification process
  11. Acting As if
  12. Confrontation
    Reality therapy for clients who did not follow through
  13. Paradoxical intention
    Adlerian - intend and increase that which he or she is fighting agains
  14. Action plans
    Reality therapy to motivate clients
  15. Therapy with goal to gain effective control over behavior
    Reality therapy
  16. Layers of neurosis, self-awareness, process over content
  17. Complimentary transaction
    TA Direct and overt communication
  18. Ultimate goal of becoming complete and whole
  19. Explore early recollections
  20. Assumption individuals can deal effectively with their own problems
  21. Self-awareness breeds choices and potential for meaningful existence
  22. Theory with goal to change direction in client's life
    Transactional Analysis
  23. Avoidance
    Gestalt escaping from discomfort
  24. Challenging client to take responsibility for own choices and behaviors
  25. Theory that discounts unconscious, childhood experiences, and dreams
    Reality therapy
  26. Confronting language patterns to increase awareness of present
  27. Encouragement
  28. Logical awareness of here-and-now experience of outside world
    TA Adult Ego State
  29. "Try on" new behavior in session
  30. Top dog vs underdog
    Gestalt, authoritarian vs victim side of client
  31. Adult Ego State responses
    unemotional, facts and logic (TA)
  32. Internal dialogue
    Gestalt, exposes struggle for internal control
  33. Human behavior is purposeful, guided by desire to fulfill basic needs
    Reality therapy
  34. Person's model of caring and rules based on childhood experiences
    TA Parent Ego State
  35. Reversal technique
    Gestalt, encourage client to take opposite of symptoms and behaviors
  36. "I take responsibility for" statements
  37. Overt and Covert
    TA levels of transactions
  38. Pattern that takes place through strokes is:
    Life script, TA
  39. Rehearsal
    Gestalt, sharing roles to free up authenticity and spontaneity
  40. Accountability, no excuses for failure
    Reality therapy
  41. Introjection, projection, deflection, retroflection, confluence
    Gestalt channels of resistance
  42. Creating images
  43. Approach based on existential principles, here-and-now focus, holistic systems theory
  44. Ulterior Transaction
    TA overt & covert levels @ same time, social and psychological message
  45. Belonging, power, freedom, and fun are four psychological needs
    Reality therapy
  46. Successful outcome: individual sees themself able to give and receive love, feeling powerful and worthy
    Reality therapy
  47. Techniques and strategies for this theory: contracts, confrontation, role playing, family modeling
    Transactional analysis
  48. Replacement behavior for less desireable behaviors
    Reality therapy
  49. Behavior is chosen in attempt to control world, and gap between what we want and have
    Reality therapy
  50. Playing projections
    Gestalt, assist one to see clearly aspects of self they are rejecting
  51. Paradoxical Intention
    Reality therapy for resistant clients, can also be existential technique
  52. Push-button technique
    Adlerian, creating pleasant and negative experiences, emphasizing mood as choice
  53. Units of communication between individuals
    Transactions (TA)
  54. Transference Transaction
    TA covert transactions end conversation quickly
  55. Dreams as weather vane and rehearsals
  56. Unfinished business
    Gestalt theory about unexpressed feelings
  57. Task Setting
    Adlerian, esp for depression
  58. Parent Ego State responses
    influence, control, or judge behavior/development of others (TA)
  59. Social interactions are related to need for recognition, or:
    strokes, TA
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