Bugs and Error Handling: Eloquent Javascript

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  1. strict mode
    This is done by putting the string "use strict" at the top of a file or function body.
  2. Debugging strategy 1
    putting a few strategic console.log calls into the program is a good way to get additional information about what the program is doing.
  3. Exception handling
    When a function cannot proceed normally, what we would like to do is just stop what we are doing and immediately jump back to a place that knows how to handle the problem.
  4. Unwinding the stack or raising an exception
    It jumps out of not just the current function but also out of its callers, all the way down to the first call that started the current execution.
  5. throw keyword
    is used to raise an exception. catching one is done by wrapping the piece of code in a try block.
  6. Error constructor
    new Error()
    Standard constructor that creates an object with a message property. In modern Javascript environments, instances of this constructor also gather information about the call stack that existed when the exception was created, a so called stack trace.
  7. finally block
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