MDT 160 ch 11

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MDT 160 ch 11
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MDT 160 11

MDT 160 ch 11
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  1. In a patient with nephrotic syndrom, the total protein lavels in the urin would be?
    Higher then normal
  2. a immunofixation protein electrophoresis is performed on serum from a patient with the most common type of multiple myeloma. The resulting patter revealed?
    Monoclonal bands of IgG type
  3. The 3 dimensional spatial configuration of a single polypeptide chain as determined by disulfide linkages, hydrogen bonds, electrostatic attraction and van der Walls forces is refereed to as?
    Tertiary structure
  4. A CSF albumin ratio was reported at 9.8 in patient. How is it best interpreted?
    The blood brain barrier may be compromised leading to increased plasma albumin present
  5. The plasma protein mainly responsible for maintaining colloidal osmotic pressure in vivo is?
  6. Isoelectric focusing is the type of electrophoresis used to phenotype a alpha1-antitrypsin deficiencies. when the protein is electrophoseded it migrates to?
    The site where pH is the same as pl
  7. a peptide bond is?
    Amono group and carboxyl group bound to the alpha-carbon.
  8. High serum total protein with high levels of both albumin and globulins is usually seen in?
  9. which of the following CSF proteins would be measured when investigating active demyelination in multiple sclerosis?
    Myelin basic protein.
  10. The following pattern of serum protein electrophoresis is obtained:
    Albumin: decreased
    alpha1 and alpha2: increased
    Gamma: normal
    Acute inflammation ( primary reason)
  11. The acute phase reactant proteins include all of the following except:
  12. The protein electrophoretic pattern of plasma, as compared with serum, revels a:
    Fibrinogen peak between the β and γ globulins
  13. In which of the following conditions would a normal level of myoglobin be expected?
    Multiple Myeloma
  14. Distinct oligoclonal bands in the γ zone on CSF protein electrophoresis are diagnostic of?
    Multiple sclerosis
  15. Nutritional assessment with poor protein-caloric status is associated with?
    a decrease levels of pre-albumin
  16. When a protein is dissolved in buffer solution, the pH of which is more alkaline than the pl, and an electric current is passed through the solution, the protein will act as
    an anion and migrate to anode.