civics unit 3 vocab

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  1. Amnesty
    A political pardon
  2. Appeals Court
    a court that hears appeals from a lower court
  3. appellate jurisdiction
    power of a court to review decisions
  4. bureaucracy
    social system that relies on rules
  5. cabinet
    advisors of the president
  6. cloture
    a procedure for ending a debate
  7. concurrent jurisdiction
    the authority of several different courts
  8. concurrent powers
    power to tax, build roads and create lower courts.
  9. constitutional law
    body of law that evolves from a constitution
  10. district court
    a state of federal trial court
  11. double jeopardy
    prosecution of a person twice for the same offense.
  12. exclusive jurisdiction
    concept which can be observed in the civil law
  13. executive branch
    the branch of government charged with the execution of laws
  14. executive order
    a rule or order issued by the president
  15. expressed powers
    powers of Congress specifically listed in the Constitution
  16. filibuster
    a person engaging in unauthorized warfare
  17. gerrymander
    manipulate the boundaries of districts
  18. impeach
    charge with misconduct
  19. implied powers
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