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  1. RMP: Demea, Philo, Cleanthes
    Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion (Hume)
  2. Painting: Yellow Christ
    Paul Gaughan
  3. Painting: The Heart of the Andes
    Frederic Edwin Church
  4. "Shakespeare's Ghost - A Parody"
    Friedrich Von Schiller
  5. Character: Picolaminni
    Wallenstein (Schiller)
  6. first director of the US Mint
    David Rittenhouse
  7. "lesser Yahweh"
  8. Archangel heavily featured in book of Enoch
  9. Black Rain
    Masuji Ibuse
  10. Kangaroo Notebook
    Kobo Abe
  11. The Woman in the Dunes
    Kobo Abe
  12. "Why do you hate the South?"
    said by Shreve to Quentin in Absalom, Absalom!
  13. Character: Charles Bon
    Absalom, Absalom!
  14. Character: Thomas Sutpen
    Absalom, Absalom!
  15. RMP: "The Dilemma of Determinism"
    William James
  16. RMP: "collective effervescence"
    Emile Durkheim
  17. Muslim excommunication
  18. Truman's VP
    Alben Barkley
  19. jewish guy with golden rule
    Rabbi Hillel
  20. Essays of Elia
    Charles Lamb
  21. Tales from Shakespeare
    Charles Lamb (with sister Mary Lamb)
  22. Character: Dr. Tamkin
    Seize the Day (Saul Bellow)
  23. Poem: "stirred my blood like nothing has before"
  24. "a frightful hobgoblin is stalking Europe"
    Communist Manifesto
  25. "a spectre is haunting Europe"
    Communist Manifesto
  26. The Wild Asses' Skin
    Honore Balzac
  27. Character: Valerie Marneffe
    Cousin Bette (Balzac)
  28. Character: Hortense Hulot
    Cousin Bette
  29. Character: Duessa
    The Faerie Queene
  30. Character: Archimago
    The Faerie Queene
  31. cobra shielded him from the sum
    Guru Nanak (Sikhism)
  32. RMP: A Distant Mirror
    Barbara Tuchman
  33. quit-rent
  34. reading from turtle shell cracks
    I Ching
  35. Course in General Lingustics
    Ferdinand de Saussure
  36. RMP: langue vs parole
    Ferdinand de Saussure
  37. Memoir on the Original System of Vowels in the Indo-European Languages
    Ferdinand de Saussure
  38. The Hockey Sweater 
    Roch Carrier (Canadian)
  39. nicknamed the "Red Archduchess"
    Elisabeth Marie of Austria
  40. Character: John Grimes
    Go Tell it on the Mountain (James Baldwin)
  41. set on 14th birthday of protagonist
    Go Tell it on the Mountain (Baldwin)
  42. dead brother Royal
    Go Tell it on the Mountain
  43. easy to compute in one direction, difficult to compute in opposite direction
    trapdoor function
  44. founded School of American Ballet
    George Balanchine
  45. law of "Universal Love"
  46. The Grass is Singing
    Doris Lessing
  47. character: Tony Marston
    The Grass is Singing
  48. Mary Turner murdered by a slave
    The Grass is Singing
  49. Evelina
    Frances Burney
  50. "History of a Young Lady's Entrance into the World"
    Evelina by Frances Burney
  51. Cecilia
    Frances Burney
  52. RMP: "harm principle"
    John Stuart Mill
  53. RMP: "greatest happiness principle"
    John Stuart Mill
  54. "nurses chocolate fancies"
    "Female Author" by Sylvia Plath
  55. Poem:"Ariel"
    Sylvia Plath
  56. "cauldron of morning"
    "Ariel" by Sylvia Plath
  57. "I eat men like air"
    "Lady Lazarus" by Sylvia Plath
  58. Poem: "Lady Lazarus"
    Sylvia Plath
  59. second moveable type printed Bible
    36 Line Bible
  60. "Give crowns and pounds and guineas, but not your heart away"
    "When I was One and Twenty"
  61. Character: Eugene Gant
    Look Homeward, Angel
  62. editor of Thomas Wolfe, Hemingway, Fitzgerald
    Maxwell Perkins
  63. Art: The Dinner Party
    Judy Chicago
  64. Art: "Twenty-Five Women Who Were Eaten Alive"
    Judy Chicago
  65. Story: "White Nights"
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  66. Story: "Big Blonde"
    Dorothy Parker
  67. "men don't make passes..."
    Dorothy Parker
  68. penname "Constant Reader"
    Dorothy Parker
  69. Dorothy Parker was a part of this group
    Algonquin Round Table
  70. poem: "you might as well live"
    "Resume" by Dorothy Parker
  71. first work of "scar literature"
    "Class Monitor" by Liu Xinwu
  72. post Mao Chinese literature genre
    "scar literature"
  73. Blithe Spirit
    Noel Coward
  74. character: Madame Arcadi
    Blithe Spirit (Coward)
  75. character: Charles Condomine
    Blithe Spirit (Coward)
  76. married to Peggy Guggenheim
    Max Ernst (artist)
  77. Art: Two Children are Threatened by a Nightingale
    Max Ernst
  78. Les Plaideurs
    Jean Racine
  79. Andromache
    Jean Racine
  80. overthrown in Operation Just Cause
    Manuel Noriega (Panama)
  81. born while mother cries chopping onions
    Tita in Like Water for Chocolate
  82. Malinche
    Laura Esquivel
  83. "Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu"
    John Updike (about Ted Williams)
  84. My Cousin Rachel
    Daphne Du Maurier
  85. fertitlity deity of the sw American indians
  86. Adrift on the Nile
    Naguib Mahfouz
  87. alexander polynomials have to do with this shape
  88. ice pick murder
  89. "Recessional"
    Rudyard Kipling, for Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
  90. Poem: "Visits to St Elizabeths"
    Elizabeth Bishop
  91. Atonement
    Ian McEwan
  92. Solaris
    Stanislaw Lem
  93. "ghost in the machine"
    Gilbert Ryle
  94. The Concept of Mind
    Gilbert Ryle
  95. On the Genealogy of Morality
    Friedrich Nietzsche
  96. "animal-self"
    On the Genealogy of Morality by Friedrich Nietzsche
  97. The Divine Principle
    Unification Church
  98. killed at Solway Mass
    James V of Scotland
  99. The Old Devils
    Kingsley Amis
  100. science: Ekman meter
  101. character: Bokonon
    Cat's Cradle
  102. character: Julian Castle
    Cat's Cradle
  103. The Adventures of Mr. Nicholas Wisdom 
    Ignacy Krasicki
  104. used in Cramer's rule
  105. polity: Golden Liberty
    Poland or Poland-Lithuania
  106. created in 1569 Union of Lubin
    Poland Lithuania
  107. created by Nihil Novi act
    Polish Sejm
  108. astro,object: Gliese 229B
    brown dwarf
  109. story: "Fire and Cloud"
    Richard Wright
  110. story: "The Man Who Lived Underground"
    Richard Wright
  111. Lawd Today
    Richard Wright
  112. character: Cross Damon
    The Outsider (Wright)
  113. The Outsider
    Richard Wright
  114. RMP: Madness and Civilization
    Michel Foucault
  115. RMP: Discipline and Punish
    Michel Foucault
  116. RMP:  History of Sexuality
    Michel Foucault
  117. characters study the Almanac because they're bored
  118. Poem: Snow-Bound
    John Greenleaf Whittier
  119. "On the Knocking at the Gate in Macbeth"
    Thomas De Quincey
  120. Klosterheim
    Thomas De Quincey
  121. literature of knowledge vs literature of power
    Thomas De Quincey
  122. character: drunkard "Gunpowder"
    Crime and Punishment
  123. history, man: Operation Magic Carpet
    David Ben-Gurion, relocated Yemeni
  124. painting: Syndics of the Clothmaker's Guild
  125. RMP: studied Kwakiutl indians
    Franz Boas
  126. painting: The Six Elements
    Rene Magritte
  127. geology: Pratt-Hayford model
  128. RMP: The Mystery of Being
    Gabriel Honore Marcel
  129. RMP: "Christian existentialism"
    Gabriel-Honore Marcel
  130. art: La Sagrada Familia
    Antoni Gaudi
  131. RMP: Ecrits
    Jacques Lacan
  132. Black Mischief
    Evelyn Waugh
  133. Seth proclaims himself emperor of Arizona
    Black Mischief (Waugh)
  134. guys tells movie plots in prison
    Kiss of the Spider Woman (Puig)
  135. experiment: disproved luminiferous ether
    Michelson Morley
  136. RMP: Sacrifice: Its Nature and Function
    Marcel Mauss
  137. RMP: discussed mana and hau
    Marcel Mauss
  138. RMP: "total prestations"
    Marcel Mauss
  139. RMP: potlatch
    Marcel Mauss
  140. created the Varangian guard
    Basil II
  141. Spiritual Couplets
  142. RMP: Dr. Yakub
    Nation of Islam
  143. science: Hinsberg test
  144. Character: Polygraph Polygraphovitch
    Heart of a Dog by Bulgakov
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