Lab 10

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  1. What causes black stem rust of small grains?
    • Puccinia graminis f.sp tritici (wheat)
    • f.sp avenea oats
    • f.sp secalis rye
  2. How does black stem rust damage its host?
    • destruction of leaf area
    • increases the evaporative water loss due ┬áto breakage of the epidermis and cuticle of the plant
  3. How is black stem rust controlled?
    • mostly disease resistant cultivars
    • eradicating barberry
    • systemic fungicides
  4. Describe Puccinia graminis life cycle
    • It is heteroecious
    • macrocyclic
    • overwinters as teliospores
  5. What causes Cedar-Apple Rust?
    Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae
  6. Describe cedar-apple rusts life cycle
    • demicyclic
    • heteroecious
    • biennial disease cycle (takes two years for completion)
    • survives has a dikaryotic mycelium in woody galls on junipers during its second year.
  7. How are teliospores disseminated?
    from orange gelatinious tendrils that exude from woody galls in the spring during wet weather
  8. How are aeciospores disseminated?
    • from rostelia (light colored tendril like structures)
    • they are wind disseminated and infect the needles of junipers in the summer
  9. How is cedar apple rust controlled?
    • separating apples trees from junipers by more than a quarter mile
    • growing disease resistant apple varieties
    • applying foliar fungicide
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