Honors English 11 Exam Review (Fill in the Blank Terms)

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  1. "American Scholar"
    A speech made by Emerson in 1837 which declares America's "intellectual" independence from Britain.
  2. Bay Psalm Book
    The first book printed in the American colonies in Cambridge, Massachussetts in 1640.
  3. Boston News Letter
    The earliest newpaper printed in the American colonies in 1704.
  4. William Bradford
    Of Plymouth Plantation - writing shows emphasis on Puritan values and "divine providence". The sailors who don't share the Puritan's beliefs are often "punished" by God, but the Puritans are still able to show them compassion. Bradford's tone is relatively modest and he praises both God as well as the people who help others. He also satirizes John Smith's exaggerations of life in the Americas.
  5. Brook Farm
    A utopian experiment that was begun by the followers of the transcendentalist movement during the 19th century. People would theoretically live in a self-sustaining community where everyone worked for the common good, live in harmony and engage in intellectual discussion.
  6. William Cullen Bryant
    • To a Waterfowl:
    • The waterfowl are apostrophized. The speaker talks about how they are guided by some natural instinct, or force that guides them in the right direction. The presence of God is implied, but not explicitly mentioned.
    • Thanatopsis:
    • "a view of death", written in blank verse. The poem emphasizes nature as a comfort because at death, humans become one with nature. Because of this, death should not be feared; but rather, seen as a comfort because people aren't as important as they think they are.
  7. William Byrd
    History of Plymouth Plantation:Byrd implies that the reason for the colonists' problems is the fact that they have not actively sought after congenial relations with the Indians. If the colonists and the Indians intermarried, then they would be able to live more in harmony.
  8. Thomas Cole
    Romantic painter who began the Hudson River School (1825-1840) which focused on personifying emotions and the majesty of nature.
  9. copyright laws
    Allowed writers to protect their writing, helped authors make more money after 1800.
  10. The Crisis
    Written by Thomas Paine, emphasizes that all passive options have been tried and failed, revolution is imminent. Paine condemns King George and the Tories, claiming that submission to them will lead to the total desacration of the colonies and the colonists' lives.
  11. Louisiana Purchase, War of 1812
    Factors that contributed to the rise of Americans' feeling of nationalism that affected the styles of writing that developed during this era.
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