Regular -are Verbs

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  1. abitare
    to live (in)
  2. arrivare
    to arrive
  3. aspettare
    to wait (for)
  4. cambiare
    to change
  5. cenare
    to have dinner
  6. cercare
    to look for
  7. chiamare
    to call
  8. (in)cominciare (a)
    to begin (to)
  9. comprare
    to buy
  10. desiderare
    to desire, to want
  11. dimenticare
    to forget
  12. frequentare
    to attend
  13. guidare
    to drive
  14. incontrare
    to meet with
  15. imparare (a)
    to learn (to)
  16. insegnare
    to teach
  17. lavorare
    to work
  18. mandare
    to send
  19. mangiare
    to eat
  20. pagare
    to pay
  21. pensare (a/di)
    to think (about/of)
  22. portare
    to bring; to wear
  23. practicare
    to practice
  24. ricordare
    to remember
  25. (ri)tornare
    to return
  26. spiegare
    to explain
  27. studiare
    to study
  28. telefonare (a)
    to telephone (to)
  29. trovare
    to find
  30. usare
    to use
  31. viaggiare
    to travel
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