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  1. What is advertising?
    A message paid for by a identified sponsor, and appearing in the media. It is a form of promotion.
  2. The sponsor in advertising is not identified, what does it become?
  3. Should the sales message in advertising be personal or non-personal?
    It should be non-personal. If it is delivered on a person-to-person basis, it becomes personal selling.
  4. Can a message be considered advertising if it not paid for?
    No, it must be paid for to be considered advertising.
  5. Name the five types of advertising.
    • Promotional advertising
    • Institutional advertising
    • Retail advertising
    • Cooperative advertising
    • Wholesale advertising
  6. What is the purpose of promotional advertising?
    It attempts to motivate people purchase products/services/ideas.
  7. What is the purpose of institutional advertising?
    It attempts to make company that is doing the advertising look good.
  8. What is the purpose of retail advertising?
    Retail advertising attempts to motivate people to shop at a specific store.
  9. What do retail advertisers usually use to broadcast their message?
    Newspaper, local radio, TV.
  10. Do retail advertisers usually use advertising agencies?
    No, because they charge commissions. Also, the store being advertised usually works under strict deadlines, and doesn't have time to work through agencies.
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