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  1. What does ECG stand for?
  2. What is a electrocardiography?
    the production of a record
  3. What is the Electrocardiograph?
    the machine
  4. Electrocardiogram?
    The record (the record printing)
  5. Where is the starting point of the electric pathway of the heart?
    SA node
  6. When the electrical pulse leaves the SA node it travels to the ________ causing them to contract together. This takes ___ seconds
    • Left and right Atria
    • 0.04 seconds
  7. Why is there a slight delay as the impulse travels to the AV node?
    to allow the ventricles to fill with blood.
  8. Where does the electric pulse go after leaving the AV node?
    the Bundle of His
  9. Where does the Bundle of His travel through?
    the apex of the heart
  10. After the impulse goes to the Bundle of His it __1__ into the left and right _2_ where it rapidly spreads using the _3   of the right and left __4__ causing them to contract at the same time
    • 1) divides
    • 2) bundle branches
    • 3) purkinji fibers
    • 4) ventricles
  11. What letter of an ECG is represented in green? What is it?
    Image Upload
    • P
    • The atrial depolarization prior to atrial contraction
    • (SA node)
  12. What does the orange portion of the ECG shown? 
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    • Q
    • First negative wave preceding the R wave
  13. What letter is the red portion of the ECG?
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    R the first positive wave in the QRS complex
  14. What letter of a ECG is the purple portion?
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    • S
    • The first negative wave following the R wave
  15. What letter is the blue portion of the ECG representing?
    • T
    • represents the ventricular repolarization?
  16. What is the P wave measuring?
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    Atrial depolarization
  17. What does the QRS interval of a ECG represent?
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    ventricular depolarization
  18. What does the T in a ECG represent?
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    repolarization of the ventricles
  19. What are some things that can interfere with a ECG being able to record a heart?
    • Cords near or on a power strip
    • Legs to wet
    • holder touching clip
    • machine not grounded
    • fluorescent lights
    • electrical conductive table
    • Electrical appliances on same circuit of ECG machine
    • Electric watches
  20. When does depolarization of atria occur?
    with the SA node
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