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  1. 3 primary layers of skin
    epidermis, dermis, hypodermis
  2. tissue type that makes epidermis
    keratinized stratified squamous epithelium
  3. 5 layers of the epidermis
    • 1) stratum corneum
    • 2) stratum lucidum
    • 3) stratum granulosum
    • 4) stratum spinosum
    • 5) stratum basale
  4. two types of glands
    merocrine (sweat glands) and aprocrine (genital region)
  5. region that makes hair erect
    arrector pili musscle
  6. area that secretes sebum from hair follicle
    sebaceous gland next to arrector pili and hair root
  7. what are the dots on the stratum corneum that are next to hair folicle
    sweat pores
  8. where is the mecrocrine gland and what does it do
    in the dermis (double strand knot).

    attaches to sweat gland
  9. where is the apocrine gland and what does it do
    in genital region dermal layer (single strand knot).

    more viscous than merocrine gland and little effect on thermal regulation.
  10. the hands and soles of feet are the only area of the body with one of 5 distinct layers of the epidermis
    stratum lucidium.
  11. movement of body parts away from medial plane
  12. movement of body parts toward medial plane
  13. movement of body part superior
    "                               " Inferion
    elevation, and depression
  14. 1) From frontal plane, movement of body anterior
    2) The opposite movement
    protraction retraction
  15. 1) direction of moving thumb toward medial sagittal plane
    2) opposite direction
    pronation, supination
  16. to move your body into more compact natural position

    flexation, hyperextension
  17. to move in a circle
  18. chart (categories)
    • embryonic origin
    • descendant 
    • tissue class
    • subclass
  19. fibroblasts on chart
    to fibrocytes> connective> loose & dense connective
  20. cartilage on chart
    chondroblasts> chondrycytes> cartilage> hyaline, fibrocartilage, elastic
  21. bone on chart
    osteoblasts> osteocytes> osseous (bone)> compact & spongy
  22. blood on chart
    hemocytoblasts> blood cell> blood
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