Western Civ I (Week 8)

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  1. The Late Middle Ages – The Church and Christianity
    aka “Age of Disasters"
  2. Decline of Papal Power
    • King Philip of France and Pope Boniface VIII (r. 1294-1303)
    • King Phillip wanted to tax clergy to fund war
    • Pope Boniface stepped in the way and he was Tried for heresy and treason and soon died
    • When popes resided in Avignon, France for 70 years(refered to as “Babylon”)
    • Pope Gregory XI brought the curia back to Rome
  4. GREAT WESTERN SCHISM (1378-1417)
    • Pope Urban VI elected, not popular with French cardinals, so they elected a second Pope
    • Later there were 3 popes
  5. JOHN WYCLIF (ca. 1330-1384)
    • taught at Uni. of Oxford
    • considered heretic by Roman church
    • criticized transubstantiation
  6. JAN HUS (ca. 1370-1415)
    • Univ. of Prague
    • followed in John Wyclif's footsteps
    • considered heretic by Roman church
    • burned at stake
  7. The Council of Constance (1414-17)
    • dealt with heresy problem (Killed Jan Hus and destroyed John Wyclif's remains)
    • Resolved the great western schism by electing one Pope, Martin V
    • the spirituality of the individual soul seeking intimacy with God through contemplation
    • results often were “ecstatic” and “supernatural” experiences
  9. Roman Church's 7 Sacraments
    Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, Eucharist, Ordination, Marriage, and the Last Rites.
  10. The Late Middle Ages – Society and Economy
    • overpopulation
    • less land available to cultivate;
    • wages decreased;
    • people suffered through terrible famines.
  11. BLACK DEATH (1347-1350)
    • highly contagious
    • symptoms were headaches, vomiting, swelling, and black and purple spots on skin
    • death came within hours or days
    • Came from China thru trade routes
    • Carried by fleas and infected rats
    • People thought God was judging them
    • one third of Europe's population perished
  12. MEDICI family
    great banking famiy from FLorence, Italy
    100+ northern europe mercantile cities that came together for financial purposes.
  14. The Late Middle Ages – The Political Front
  15. The Fall of Constantinople
    • Muslim Ottoman Turks besieged Constantinople
    • City became their capital, now named Istanbul
    • Fall of Byzantine empire
  16. HUNDRED YEARS WAR (1337-1453)
    • 116 years
    • Last Capetian king of France died
    • The English King had a claim in the throne, but French elected Philip VI, war broke out
    • English were also land owners in France
    • English success at first,an English King won the French Throne n 1420
    • Frecnh ultimatley won tho
  17. JOAN OF ARC (1412-1431)
    • french female teenage visionary
    • joined the French army and vowed to life English siege
    • helped French rebound during hundred years war
    • King and Queen of Spain
    • Completed Reconquista in 1492, drove out Muslims and Jews
    • Spain became Catholic
    • conversos (Jews that claimed they converted to Christinaity)
    • Spainsh Catholics watched them and dealt with issues involving them if they practiced Judism
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