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  1. genesis cinema
    mile end road
  2. stepney green station
    mile end road
  3. london independent hospital
    • beaumont square
    • enter via white horse lane either eastbury terrace to set on left or via mile end road from beaumont grove right maria terrace forward into beaumont square to set on right
  4. rectory square
    white horse lane
  5. rosalind green hall
    stepney green down side slip to set
  6. stepping stones farm
    stepney way just before roundabout
  7. surrey docks watersports
    • rope street
    • enter via plough way left and left swedan gate left rope street right into forecourt set on right
  8. swedan gate
    plough way
  9. riverside youth centre
    • grove street
    • enter via evelyn street into oxetalls road left grove street sdol
  10. deptford park
    grinstead road
  11. venue night club
    • clifton rise
    • coming from east use left jerningham road right musgrove road right troutbeck road right new cross road to left clifton rise to set on right
    • when leaving clifton rise your forced right archilles street to left or right pagnell street
  12. deptford police station
    sdol amersham vale
  13. 999 club se14
    sdol only deptford broadway on the slip
  14. old laban centre se14
    • laurie grove
    • at the end of the road to set
    • when leaving use dixon road to leave then left lewisham way
  15. goldsmiths student union also known as tianamen building
    dixon road set on left enter via laurie grove
  16. goldsmith college
    lewisham way left into forecourt
  17. cutty sark
    • cutty sark gardens
    • set at the end of greenwich church street just outside the gipsy moth ph
  18. greenwich university
    king william walk
  19. de vere devonport house hotel
    • king william walk
    • enter via stockwell street right nevada street left king willian walk sdor
  20. throne of the acient kings
    • king william walk
    • enter via stockwell street right nevada street left king willian walk sdor
  21. royal observatory
    • blackheth avenue
    • roundabout then sdol
    • bleckheath avenue has a time restriction between 10am dusk to 4pm dawn
  22. dreadnought seamans library
    • king william walk
    • set down on left
  23. first shop in the world
    • nelsons road
    • set down on left
  24. ibis hotel se10
    • stockwell street
    • enter from greenwich high road to set on left
  25. fan museum
    • crooms hill
    • sdor when entering from stockwell street
  26. greenwich theatre
    • crooms hill
    • sdol when entering from stockwell street
  27. trident hall & trafalgar tavern ph
    park row
  28. corvette square
    • feathers place
    • enter from park row left feathers place left into corvette square
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