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mdt160 ch 13
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mdt160 ch 13
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  1. an example of using enzymes as reagents in the clinical laboratory would be?
    the hexokinase glucose method
  2. the saccharogenic method of amylase determinations measures?
    the amount of product produced
  3. aactivity of enzymes in serum may be determined rather than concentration because ?
    the amount of enzyme is too low to measure
  4. what enzyme pattern is most diagnostic of Duchenne-type muscular dystrophy?
    Total CK level that is 50-100 ULN
  5. when a reaction is performed in a zero-order kinetics:
    the rate of the reaction is independent of the substrate concentration
  6. Elevation of serum amylase and lipase is commonly seen in?
    Acute pancreatitis
  7. The isoenzymes LD-4 and LD-5 are elevated in?
    Liver disease
  8. which CK isoenzyme is elevated in muscle diseases?
  9. Elevation of tissue enzymes in serum may be used to detect?
    Tissue necrosis or damage
  10. Which preanalytical error is most commonly causes false increases in serum enzyme measurements?
    the serum was not separated from red blood cells within 1 hour
  11. enzyme reaction rates are increased by increasing temperatures until they reach the point of denaturation at?
    40-60 C
  12. activation energy is _____ by enzymes