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mdt160 ch 14
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mdt160 ch 14
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  1. Hypoglycemic factor produced by the pancreas is?
  2. the factor, other than average plasma glucose value, that determines the HbA1c level is?
    Red blood cell life span
  3. Coupling enzyme used in the hexokinase method for glucose is?
    Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase
  4. all of the following are characteristic of von Gierke disease Except?
  5. Urinalysis of a diabetic patient identified the following:
    Year1: Urine albumin was 15mg/24h
    year2: Urine albumin was 56/24h
    year3: Urine albumin was 156/24h
    what do this clinical data suggest?
    the levels of albumin in the urine suggest that kidney function is compromised and follow up is necessary
  6. which of the following hormones promotes gluconeogenesis?
  7. mnitoring levels of ketone bodies in the urine via nitroprusside reagents provides a semiquantitative measure of?
  8. The preferred screening test for diabetes in non-pregnant adults in measurement of?
    depends on the patient factors
  9. Glucose oxidase oxidizes glucose to gluconic acid and ?
  10. what is the preferred specimen for glucose analysis?
    Fluoride oxalate plasma
  11. following the 2012 ADA guidelines the time of measurement of plasma glucose levels during OGTT in non pregnant patients are ?
    fasting, 1h, and 2h
  12. enzyme that is most specific for β-D-glucose is?
    Glucose oxidase
  13. Monitoring the levels of ketone bodies in the urine is?
    recommended for patients with Type 1 diabetes on sick days
  14. from glucose and ATP, hexokinase catalyzes the formation of?
    glucose 6-phosphate
  15. A urinalysis identifies a positive result for reducing sugars, yet the test for glucose was negative on the dipstick. What do these results suggest?
    Patient has deficiency in galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase
  16. Glucose intolerance, abnormal cholesterol level, high blood pressure and upper body obesity are characteristics of?
    Insulin resistance
  17. polarographic methods of glucose assay are based on which principle?
    rate of oxygen depletion measured.