Amazing Whales

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  1. What is the biggest animal that has ever lived on Earth?
    blue whale
  2. Are dolphins and porpoises considered whales?
  3. About how many different kinds of whales are there?
  4. What kind of animals are whales?
    mammals, warm-blooded.
  5. What does warm-blooded mean?
    Their blood stays at the same temperature regardless of the air or water around them.
  6. Do mammals lay eggs?
    No, the babies are born live.
  7. What are baby whales called?
  8. What are some characteristics of mammals?
    • babies drink mother's milk
    • breathe air
    • do not lay eggs
    • warm-blooded
  9. How does a whale breathe?
    • blowholes
    • they have one or two on top of their head
  10. What kind of whale dives the deepest?
    sperm whale
  11. What do sperm whales hunt?
    giant squids
  12. What are whales with no teeth called?
    • Baleen
    • have strips of baleen in mouths, similar to fingernails.
  13. What kind of whales are baleen whales?
    blue whales & humpback whales
  14. What do baleen whales eat?
    fish or krill
  15. what is krill?
    tiny animals like shrimp
  16. What kind of whales hunt in groups called pods?
    • killer whales
    • make sounds like squeaks and whistles to each other
  17. What is a group of hunting whales called?
  18. What is breaching?
    when whales jump out of water and splash down
  19. What kinds of animals hunt whales?
    killer whales, sharks, people
  20. What kind of whale is in trouble of becoming extinct?
    Right whale
  21. What are problems that whales face?
    • people hunt them
    • dump trash & spill oil that destroy their homes
    • They get hit by boats
    • Caught in fishing nets
  22. Who studies the whales on boats?
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