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  1. Digital Scene Matching Area Correlation (DSMAC)
    missile takes pictures of the ground, compares it to a greyscale digital map in its computer, and corrects its flight path
  2. Terrain Contour Matching (TERCOM)
    missile uses radar to determine its altitude, compares it to mean sea level & database, and adjusts its altitude
  3. GPS/Almanac Data
    missile uses almanac data in its computer to determine where in the sky to look for the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites; this reduces the time it needs to determine its position using GPS (newer the almanac, the better/quicker the missile can do this).
  4. Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System (TTWCS)
    new COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) system for controlling Tomahawk missiles
  5. Vertical Launch System (VLS)
    located in two areas, forward (29 missile cells, 3 crane cells used for loading/unloading missiles) & aft (61 missile cells, 3 crane cells)
  6. max Tomahawk initial salvo
  7. max follow-on salvo
    22 (due to restrictions of the 28V DC power supply per half module, 8 cells per module) This is called “half module constraints:!
  8. 3 of the lifelines behind the Aft VLS launchers are made of
    metal vice kevlar; otherwise, they’d melt!
  9. TLAM 3C
    1000lb warhead, conventional explosives
  10. TLAM 3D
    6 multiple warheads, in 3 sections per side (each section consists of sub-munitions, i.e. “cluster bombs”); missile can engage 4 targets (3 tgts using 2 sections, one from each side, then the missile itself)
  11. TLAM 4E
    1000lb warhead, conventional explosives (lighter, more modern explosive material, so it packs a bigger punch)
  12. Tasking
    • via record message traffic (so it has to be typed into the computer) or electronically (downloaded directly into the missile).
    • Paper (Message Traffic) Electronic (Straight to TTWCS)
    • LSP – Allows for planning. Cannot spin missiles or fire ESP-L Allows for planning. Cannot spin missiles or fire
    • Indigo- Authorization to spin missiles and fire ESP-E Authorization to spin missiles and fire
  13. DBM (Data Base Management)
    database that keeps track of shipping and navigational hazards
  14. EM (Engagement Manager)
    uses DBM to set up waypoints around shipping, hazards, etc. to get the missile to its first preplanned waypoint
  15. MM/LC (Missile Manager/Launch Controller)
    MM picks which missile to use and fire, keeps track of all Tomahawks aboard ship. LC actually fires the missile (full salvo of 24 takes about 2-3 min).
  16. Waypoints
    Each missile plan has a starting waypoint; the EM can put in up to 5 waypoints before that to get the missile from the ship to the first preplanned waypoint.
  17. TOA
    • (Time of Arrival)
    • Time the TLAM actually arrives at FPPWP
  18. TOT
    • (Time on Top)
    • arranging missiles to arrive at the target at a coordinated time
  19. TOL
    • (Time of Launch)
    • used for fast reaction, just to enable a quick launch
  20. MDU
    • (Mission Data Update)
    • updates the targeting plan via EHF radio, telephone, or network protocol
  21. Post Launch Execution: Tomahawk 4E’s are controllable after launch via:
    • aimpoint update (same target, different spot)
    • flex (redirect missile to an alternate preplanned target)
    • retarget (redirect missile to a completely new target)
  22. EKMS
    • (Electronic Key Material System)
    • the crypto codes used to access secure military satellites for GPS and communications with missile in flight.
  23. Range of TLAM C D E
    • .1 TLAM C – 1000nm
    • .2 TLAM D – 700 nm
    • .3 TLAM E – 1000 nm
  24. Global Command Control System Maritime
    • (GCCS-M)
    • uses the GCCS-M to manage track database.
  25. Internal Navigation System
    • (INS, WSN-7)
    • Used to tell Tomahawks where the ship is at launch
  26. TCOMMS (Tomahawk Communications)
    Used to connect TTWCS with all SATCOM.
  27. Toxic gas dampers
    prevents the toxic gas resulting from launches from entering the ship
  28. Salvo alarms
    siren to notify weather decks that a missile (or missiles) are launching
  29. Booster Drop Zone
    area in danger of booster that falls off back of missile after launch
  30. Dud
    missile that never fires
  31. Misfire
    missile that fires at wrong time (just after or later)
  32. Restrained fire
    missile still locked into cell rails (pyro bolts didn’t blow) but booster ignites; use deluge to cool off the missile
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