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  1. chelsea sports centre
    • chelsea manor street
    • when entering from kings road set down on right
  2. chelsea farmers market
    • sydney street
    • when entering from kings road set down on left
  3. chelsea fire station
    • kings road
    • opposite oakley street
    • between dovehouse street and manresa road
    • when travelling from east to west set down on right
  4. le colombier restaurant
    • south parade
    • set down on right when coming from cale street right dove house street
  5. chelsea square
    south parade
  6. queen elms square
    • old church street
    • directly in front of yiu when coming out of south parade
  7. chelsea arts club
    • old church street
    • set down on left going north
  8. raffles club
    • kings road
    • between old church street and paultons square
  9. pigs ear ph
    • old church street
    • on corner of paultons street
  10. paultons square
    • paultons street
    • also get to from kings road
  11. bluebird restuarant
    • kings road
    • between beaufort street and the vale
    • when coming from east to west set down on right
  12. carlyles house
    • cheyne row
    • enter via oakley street into upper cheyne row left into cheyne row set down on left
  13. colherne court
    • old brompton road
    • set down on left going from east to west
    • between the little boltons and redcliffe gardens
  14. cranley hotal
    • bina gardens
    • set down on right when heading north
  15. redcliffe square
    redcliffe gardens
  16. blakes hotel
    • roland gardens
    • leave on left when heading north then left or right old brompton road

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