Anatomy Test 3 (7)

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  1. Joint in which the articulating surfaces are flat or slightly curved that permits back and forth and side to side movements and rotation between the flat surfaces.
    plane joint
  2. A synovial joint in which a convex surface of one bone fits into a concave surface of another bone, such as the elbow, knee, ankle and interphalangeal joints. Also called ginglymus
    Hinge joint
  3. the rounded or pointed surface of one bone articulates with a ring formed partly by another bone and partly by a ligament
    pivot joint
  4. the convex oval shaped projection of one bone fits into the oval shaped depression of another bone.
    Condyloid joint
  5. the articular surface of one bone is saddle shaped, and the articular surface of the other bone fits into the "saddle" as a sitting rider would sit
    saddle joint
  6. consists of the ball like surface of one bone fitting into a cup like depression of another bone.
    ball and socket joint
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