stomach anatomy

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  1. Liver
    Largest internal organ. Largest gland in the human body. Performs wide range of functions including detoxification, protein synthesis, and biochemical for digestion is solid viscera
  2. spleen
    similar structure to lymph node, and functioning as part of the immune system by attacking foreign bodies and diseases. Filters old and dying red blood cells, holds a reserve of blood and recycles iron solid viscera
  3. Pancreas
    produces important hormones including insulin glucagon, somatostatin and pancreatic polypeptide which circulate in the blood. In addition the pancreas secretes pancreatic juices containing digestive enzymes that assist in the break down and absorption of nutrients in the small intestines solid viscera
  4. Kidneys
    part of the urinary system by shifting out waste and extra water from the blood. Excreted by urine, which flows through the ureter and empties into the urinary bladder. solid viscera
  5. Stomach
    elastic organ food is churned by muscular contractions. Digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid secreted by the stomach and assist in the breakdown of food hollow viscera
  6. Gallbladder
    stores and concentrates bile produced by the liver. When food enters the digestive tact, the gallbladder releases bile into the small intestines where is aids in the digestion of the lipids. The removal of gallbladder has little to no effect on the body's functioning hollow viscera
  7. Small intestines
    performs majority of digestion and absorption, bile and pancreatic juices work to break down food. Is divided into duodenum , jejunum and ileum hollow viscera
  8. Colon
    aka. large intestines HAS FOUR PARTS ASCENDING, TRANSVERSE, DESCENDING AND SIGMOID. throughout THE colon WATER, SALT AND OTHER NUTRIENTS ARE REMOVED FORM digested food and form stool which is then moved through the colon by strong muscle contractions hollow viscera
  9. Bladder
    Hollow viscera is an elastic, muscular sac that stores urine excreted by the kidneys. When the muscle of the bladder contract urine is passed into the urethra before exiting the body
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