Social Studies 3

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  1. What are the 12 tables.
    The Twelve Tables were writing tablets that had the Romans' earliest attempt to create a code of law in order to protect the civil rights of the privileged patricians.
  2. Patricians
    a person who is a member of the highest social class and is not a plebeian. early Rome before the republic. not many of them
  3. Plebeian
    a person of the common people of ancient Rome. Most Romans were plebeians didn't have a say in laws
  4. Rome beginnings
    ruled by etruscan king Romans overthrew etruscans and created republic
  5. Where was Rome located
  6. Rome started with what ruler
    etruscan ruler
  7. What started the first punic wars
    Carthage was controlling 3 more island and getting to close to Rome
  8. How long did the first punic war last
    20 years
  9. what ended the first punic war
    Carthage said " ill give you 1 of the 3 islands we have if the war stops"
  10. Did rome keep the promise to carthage that ended the first punic war
    no they took 3 islands and not just the 1 they were supposed to
  11. Carthage was mad rome took all 3 islands but carthage said whatever. we will go fight _______.
  12. Carthage's leader was hannibal's dad. what promise did hannibal make to his dad
    he would fight and beat rome
  13. hannibal was a ________ leader.
  14. hannibal was good for his ________.
  15. what was hannibal's plan at age 26
    conquer all of spain
  16. Carthage attacked _______ after the first punic was with Rome. Rome got mad because they were friends with ______. Rome attacked ________ hometown.
    spain, spain, carthage
  17. Who fought in the punic war
    Rome and Carthage
  18. ______ attacked Rome to start the 2 punic war
  19. Carthage lost to rome in the 2 punic war but is hannibal still alive
    yes hannibal got away
  20. how old was hannibal when Rome found him again
    64 years old
  21. how did Hannibal die
    drank poison from his room
  22. What were the 2 influences of the etruscans
    • engineering
    • etruscan sporting events
  23. 4 influences of the greeks
    • architecture
    • art
    • writing
    • religon
  24. 3 government types in rome
    republic, monarchy, empire
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