Molecular Biology

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  1. Metabolism is...
    The web of all the enzyme-catalysed reactions in a cell or organism
  2. Most enzyme-catalysed reactions occur in...
    the cytoplasm of a cell
  3. Metabolism is the sum of...
    All the reactions that occur in an organism
  4. Metabolism mostly consists of...
    Pathways or cycles
  5. In a pathway or cycle, one type of molecule is...
    Transformed into another through a series of small steps
  6. Anabolism is...
    The synthesis of complex molecules from simpler ones
  7. In anabolism, the energy is usually supplied by...
  8. Examples of Anabolism include...
    • Protein synthesis by ribosomes
    • DNA synthesis
    • Photosynthesis
  9. Catabolism is...
    The breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ones
  10. Catabolism releases energy, sometimes captured as...
  11. Examples of Catabolism include...
    • Food digestion
    • Cellular Respiration
  12. Water is referred to as...
    The medium of life
  13. Water molecules are polar, and _____ form between adjacent water molecules
    Hydrogen bonds
  14. In a water molecule, H and O are joined by a...
    Covalent bond
  15. Oxygen tends to pull electrons closer, since its more electronegative, which results in...
    A partial negative charge on the oxygen and partial positive charge on the hydrogen
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