OB Exam 3

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  1. Assessment at delivery
    • gestation
    • TPAL
    • labor pattern
    • ROM time
    • Risk factors
  2. Stimulation for respiration
    • tactile stim
    • temperature change
    • blood gas change: decrease pH, increase Co2, decrease O2
  3. Steps in respiration
    • Take a breath
    • Get air into lungs: big enough breath to push fluid out- if not, surface tension is created and lungs snap back together on exhale (unless surfactant)
    • Keep air in alveoli- establish functional residual capacity
    • Convert to adult circultation
  4. Ductious venosis
    shunts blood away from liver
  5. Ductus arteriosis
    shunts blood away from lungs

    as 02 levels increase- will constrict
  6. Forman ovale
    shunts blood from right side of heart to left

    closes because of decreased pressure on right side and increased pressure on left
  7. Radiation
    heat toward objects not touching
  8. Conduction
    heat toward objects touching
  9. Evaporation
    of water/AF from body
  10. Position of airway at deliver
    position baby on back with neck straight
  11. ears should be
    low set
  12. Diaphragmatic hernia signs
    • big chest
    • tiny abdomen
  13. Choanal atresia
    • tracheoesophageal fistula
    • omphalocele
    • cleft lip/palate
    • Imperforated anus
    • Syndactly 
    • spina bifida
    • trauma-broken clavicle, bruising, caput
  14. Assess newborns vitals every
    3-4 hours
  15. Newborn vitals
    • R- 65 decrease to 40
    • P- 160 decrease to 120
    • temp- rises 96.6 to 98.6
    • (Axillary recommended)
  16. When do you put the ID band on the newborn
    Before you leave the room
  17. All newborns have a ______ deficiency and are at high risk for significant hemorhage
    vit k
  18. when to give vit k
    • 1 hour IM after birth to increase clotting factors
    • 25 gauge needle
  19. can patients refuse vit k?
  20. When to do comprehensive assessment?
    first 4 hours (powerpoint)

    Before 24 hours old (study guide)
  21. Eye prophalixis
    Eye ointment/llotycin
  22. eye prophalixis prevents

    When is it given?
    gonorrhea and clamydia and is given within an hour

    No proven SE
  23. is eye prophalaxis state mandated?
    Yes, can have a waiver but must be before birth
  24. if the blood glucose is
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