brushing technique

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  1. toothbrush bristles are placed at a 45 degree angle toward the gingival sulcus; bristles are moved in a circular motion allowing the bristles to get into the sulcus for at least 10 strokes
    Bass technique
  2. toothbrush is placed at a 45 degree angle at the gingiva where it meets the tooth surface; the brush is swept toward the apex of the tooth in a circular vibrating motion, and a rolling stroke is then used to pull bristles toward the occlusal surface
    Charters technique
  3. toothbrush is placed at a 45 degree angle at the gingiva where is meets the tooth surface; a rolling vibratory motion is used to pull the bristles downward and back and forth in a vertical motion
    Stillman technique
  4. toothbrush is placed with the bristles parallel to the tooth and pointed at the gingiva; the toothbrush should be swept from the gingiva and rolled gently toward the tooth
    Rolling stroke
  5. with the teeth closed, the toothbrush is placed toward the teeth; the toothbrush is moved in large circles at the tooth and gingiva of both arches, then large circles are used at the palate and lingual areas
    Fones' technique
  6. hardened plaque, a mineralized deposit on teeth formed by saliva, debris, and minerals; also called tartar
  7. the process of adding fluoride to the public water supply
  8. bad breath
  9. also called dental biofilm, a complex community of several varieties of bacteria that may reach a thickness of 300 to 500 cells on the surfaces of teeth
    dental plaque
  10. space between the gingiva and tooth
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