Repro2- Stallions, Repro Sx

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  1. Stallions go through puberty at ___________ of age, leading to an increase in ___________.
    12-24 months; LH pulse frequency and strength
  2. Stallions reach sexual maturity at ________ of age.
    4-5 years
  3. Does spermatogenesis stop during the non-breeding season?
    no, but it is decreased
  4. What preg rate must a stallion produce to be satisfactory?
    60% preg rate in 40 mares
  5. What is a normal total scrotal width for a stallion?
  6. How d you come about an estimated daily sperm output?
    2 collections 1 hour apart; 2nd ejaculation should have ~60% as many sperm as the 1st
  7. 3 ways to determine daily sperm output?
    actual (collect daily for 7-10 days), estimated, calculated
  8. What should you observe during the ejaculate collection? (4)
    libido, erection, mounting, and thursting
  9. What 4 cultures are a necessary part of the stallion BSE?
    penis/prepuce, urethral fossa, pre-ejaculation urethra, post-ejaculation urethra
  10. Pre-ejaculate urethral culture +
    Post-ejaculate urethral culture -
    Suggestive of....
    bacteria is NOT from accessory sex glands, maybe UTI or contamination
  11. Pre-ejaculate urethral culture -
    Post-ejaculate urethral culture +
    Suggestive of....
    infection of the accessory sex glands
  12. 2 types of sperm motility and what they are.
    • total- any sperm moving at all
    • progressive- only sperm moving in the forward direction
  13. >90% sperm with detached heads is almost pathognomonic for __________.
    ampullae blockage
  14. Complaint with ampullae blockage often includes... (2)
    fertile stallion that became azoospermic, azoospermia or detached heads
  15. What is the txt for blockage of ampullae? (3)
    massage ampullae per rectum, multiple collection attempts, oxytocin prior to collection
  16. BSE findings are WNL, 1 billion progressively motile, morphologically normal sperm in second ejaculate.
    satisfactory prospective breeder
  17. Abnormal BSE finding(s) may improve with time; immature stallion, infections.
    Questionable prospective breeder
  18. Abnormality on BSE will not improve with time; congenital abnormalities, chronic testicular degeneration.
    unsatisfactory prospective breeder
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