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  1. What did the tribe of Judah & Simeon do to A.do'ni-bezek once they captured him? And Why?
    Cut off his thumbs & his big toes; cause Jehovah repaid him for what he had done to other kings (Judges 1:4- 7)
  2. When Caleb son of Jephunneh the Ken'iz.zite, was set to conquer Kir'i.ath-se'pher (De'bir) He offered his daughter Ach'sah as a prize for whoever strikes Kir'i.ath-se'pher & capture it. Who captured it?
    Oth'ni.el, Caleb's younger brother (Judges 1:11- 15)
  3. After Kir'i.ath-se'pher was captured. Meanwhile, Judah & Simeon continued to attack the Canaanites. Who settled in the wilderness of Judah, south of A'rad during this time?
    the Ken'ites, the tribe related to Moses father-in-law Jethro (Judges 1:16, 17)
  4. When members of Joseph's tribe spied out Beth'el, how did they find the way into the city? What city did that man go on to build?
    they asked a man who was going into the city to show them; he built a city among the Hit'tites named Luz ( Judges 1:22- 26)
  5. What was the result of Israel's failure to drive out the Canaanites from the promise land?
    the Canaanites would become a snare to them & Israel would be lured to serve Canaanite Gods (Judges 2:3)
  6. What does the term, "the Ash'to.reth image" mean in reference to Ba'al Worship?
    Ash'to.reth was considered to be the wife of the Canaanite God Ba'al. Ash'to.reth is often represented as a nude female. The most prominent part of her worship consisted of sex orgies in temples or high places devoted to Ba'al worship [INSIGHT- pp. 193 Ashtoreth pg. 1]
  7. After the death of Joshua, the son of Nun, & sometime after the conquest of the promise land. How did Jehovah save his people from distress?
    Jehovah would rise up Judges to save them (Judges 2:15- 18)
  8. Who am I? I am King of Mes.o.po.ta'mi.a. The Israelite's were in servitude to me for 8 years shortly after there conquering the promise land. Jehovah rised up judge Oth'ni.el who prevailed over me. Who am I?
    Cu'shan-rish.a.tha'im (Judges 3:7- 11)
  9. After the death of Joshua who was the first tribe to fight the Canaanites? Which tribe, did this tribe, bring along with them to fight against the Canaanite's?
    Judah; Simeon (Judges 1:1- 2)
  10. Who was the King of Jerusalem at the time Israel conquered the promise land? How did he humble kings after he had defeated them? Other than to humble them, why perhaps was such a practice employed?
    A.do'ni-be'zek; he would cut off their thumbs & big toes (Judges 1:4- 7) well a similar practice was employed by the ancient Athenians. Who decreed that prisoners of war should lose their thumbs. Thereafter they could row but were unfit to handle a sword or spear. [INSIGHT- pp. 49 ADONI-BEZEK]
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the acts of Jehovah's people after Joshua's death & during the time He used Judges to save Israel!
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