Econ Lecture Communism

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  1. What is ACORN?
    a group in last years election that tried to get lower income people to be able to vote
  2. Who is Joe to Plumber and what did he do?
    Joe the Plumber ambushed Obama pretending to be a plumber and lying about things to make Obama look bad
  3. Who get using the term "Joe the Plumber?"
    John Mccain
  4. Why do we study command economies?
    because by looking a a different mentality it helps us look at ours differently
  5. Karl Marx was also called what?
    father of scientific socialism
  6. Karl Marx was a what?
    German Economist and Socialist
  7. We used to call Karl Marx what and now we call him what?
    We used to call Karl Marx a scientific socialist but now he is known for Marxism or communism
  8. Socialism is kind of what?
    Communism light
  9. What is communism light?
    where you are a socialist that is close to communism but not all the way
  10. Marx's extensive studies convinced him that man's quality of life is virtually always determined by what?
    the economic system in which man lives
  11. This emphasis on production of material items is why some people call his philosophy what?
    Dialectical Materialism
  12. To who is Marx an enemy?
  13. Who was Marx influenced by?
  14. When did Engels meet Marx?
  15. Which people closed out the USSR?
    Brezhnev, Andropov; Chernenko, and Gorbachev
  16. What is the order of the chart that was shown in the powerpoint?
    Marx and Engles to Lenin to Trotsky and Stalin to Khrushchev
  17. When were they asked to produce a communist manifesto?
  18. What is surplus value?
    Marx's idea of the difference between how the worker is paid and how much the work is worth.
  19. In a capitalist system that extra part if it goes to?
    the capitalist system
  20. What is cooperation?
    the idea of working toward a common goal
  21. What is collectivization?
    the idea that collectively you are stronger
  22. What example is used for collectivization?
    100 farmers
  23. what is collective business?
    a collective farm in a command economy that shares the talents of all on the collective to reach "common goals"
  24. What is public ownership of property?
    state ownership of all property allows for control of resources including human labor
  25. what are we obsessed with?
    private property
  26. what is the communist idea of equality?
    all members should have the same opportunity to share in the wealth and produce of the land
  27. True or false: Marxism is dead and has been since 1991
  28. True or false: Marxism was a massive set-bak in 1991
  29. Marx clearly underestimated the power of what?
  30. What are the 3 questions for any economic system?
    What is produced? How is it produced? For whom is it produced?
  31. What are the 3 factors of production?
    Land, labour and capital
  32. In America what is the fourth factor of production?
  33. What is an example of natural resources and naturally-occurring goods?
    soil and minerals
  34. What is Labour in the 3 factors of production?
    Human effort used in production
  35. what is another name for capital goods?
    "means of production"
  36. What are human-made goods used in?
    the production of other goods. including tools and buildings
  37. What does the entrepreneur do in the 3 factors of production
    A risk-taker to initiate, create and manage jobs
  38. True or False.. The Communist Party USA is very popular today and is allowed to exist in USA in 2014?
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