Anthropology 1

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  1. Neolithic (2)
    • The "new stone age"
    • Defined on basis of the appearance of ground stone as opposed to chipped stone tools
  2. Mesolithic
    Culture period of many regional adaptations and an explosion of local cultural diversity
  3. Sedentism
    Pattern of settlement in which a community of people tends to remain in one place over the course of a year or years
  4. Artificial Selection
    Domestication of plants and animals where humans select which members of a species will live and produce offspring
  5. Complex Foraging
    System of hunting animals and gathering wild plants in which subsistence is focused on a few highly productive resources
  6. Teosinte
    Wild ancestor of domesticated maize
  7. Minoan Palace (4)
    • Knossos
    • Phaistos
    • Malia
    • Zakros
  8. Younger Dryas
    Glaciation in Europe that may have been severe enough to have cause the temporary abandonment by humans of Northwest Europe
  9. Gobekli Tepe (2)
    • Modern day Turkey
    • Series of circular and oval-shaped
    • structures set on top of the hill for religious purposes
  10. Monolithic
    Formed a single large block of stone
  11. Catalhoyuk (2)
    • Turkey
    • Featured bulls, paintings of hunting and houses that were connected through the roofs of each building
  12. Sarsen
    30 upright stones at Stonehenge
  13. Regal-Ritual Centers
    • Term used by David Webster
    • Describes Mayan population centers that were home to Mayan nobility/ religion
  14. Cylinder Seals
    Mesopotamian system of impressing symbolic notation onto wet clay by using a marked cylinder
  15. Trilithon
    Set of 3 stones, 2 upright and one lintel at Stonehenge
  16. Megaliths
    large stone slabs that were built into above ground burial chambers
  17. Poverty Point (2)
    • Ceremonial center in Louisiana
    • Widespread culture including hunting-gathering, pottery making and religion that were shared
  18. Hang- t'u 
    Chinese term for stamped/pounded and compacted earth used to make sculptures
  19. Coumarin
    Organic chemical compound with a fresh odar
  20. Tholoi
    Communal storage facilities as well as burial chambers for socioeconomically important individuals in Halafian sites
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