Anthropology 2

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  1. Scapulimancy
    Process of divining future in which animal bones are burned and the etchings are read by a diviner
  2. Qanats
    Underground tunnel constructed to lead water from the interior of a hill to a village below
  3. Chiefdom
    Level of socio-political integration more complex than the tribe but less so than the state
  4. Chavin
    Distinctive religious art style in western South America
  5. Conspicuous Consumption
    Lavish or wasteful consumption thought to enhance social prestige
  6. Affluent Foraging
    Society is fueled by agriculture, but wild food in some areas could allow for development without food production
  7. Citadel
    Core fortified area of a city or town such as castle or fortress
  8. Ness of Brogdar
    Temple complex that is the epicenter of a vast ritualistic complex
  9. Horns of Consecration
    Practical and abstract symbol of the sun that is located in Minoan civilizations
  10. Larnax
    Small closed coffin, or ash chest used as a container for human remains in ancient Macedonia
  11. Paleolithic (2)
    • "Old stone age" lasting 2.5 million years
    • Primitive stones were used
  12. Brodger, Orkney
    One of the stone circles in the heart of Orkney
  13. Carnac, France
    Stones that possibly represented the calendar
  14. Fluted Points
    Projectile points made by Paleoindians that are found in association with bones of bisan
  15. Pschent
    Double crown worn by ancient Egyptian kings, symbolic of dominian over upper and lower egypt
  16. Flail and Crook
    • Flail-agriculture and slaves
    • Crook-Shepard
    • Represents power with unification between iron fist and guidance
  17. Narmer Palette
    Makeup for the Pharaoh with picture of Pharaoh on the back and Unification on the front
  18. Lapita Pottery
    Pottery style known from the inhabited Pacific Islands
  19. Clovis Point
    Fluted point stone blades exhibiting a channel on both faces that aids in putting the stone point onto a wooden shaft
  20. Debitage
    Small, unusable waste flakes produced during the process of making stone tools
  21. Microblades
    Very small stone blade with a very sharp cutting edge
  22. Denali Complex
    Lithic technology seen in the Arctic consisting of wedge-shaped cores, microblades, etc.
  23. Nenana Complex (2)
    • Oldest stone tool complex in Alaska
    • Includes bifacially flaked, un-fluted spear points
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