World Lit

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  1. When was the industrial revolution?
  2. what was the time period of Romanticism?
  3. What are traits of Romanticism?
    The individual, value of emotions over logic, sentimental or nostalgic over nature
  4. Who was william blake?
    • English writer
    • born in lower middle class
    • supported ideals of french revolution
  5. What is lyric poetry?
    originally paired with lyre. Now, short poem where speaker expresses thoughts and feelings.
  6. songs of innocence is primarily about ______________ and is written by?
    The piper poem. William Blake
  7. Songs of Experience is about ________ and written by?
    About the Earth. William Blake
  8. What are the six Blake poems?
    Songs of Innocence, songs of experience, chimney sweeper, Tyger, The lamb, The chimney sweeper 2
  9. What was the wordsworth poem we read?
    Tintern Abbey - about looking down at nature from a higher point like a hill.
  10. What was Fredrick Douglass' breaking Point?
    After being owned by Mr. Covey and worked to the bone, he sees sails go by over Chesapeake Bay, leading him to have an existential crisis.
  11. When did realism take place?
    Late 19th century
  12. What are the traits of Realism?
    • Middle/lower class issues
    • Truth without sentiment
    • Emphasis on urban life
    • minimal use of symbolism or religious themes
  13. Traits of literary realism?
    • Ordinary language
    • absence of sensational plot and tidy endings
    • ethical dilemmas and difficult choices = drama
  14. What best describes the narrator in the Death of Ivan Ilyich?
    Omniscient and Didactic
  15. Who wrote punishment?
  16. Who wrote separate ways?
  17. Who wrote Rod of Justice/
  18. What is In medias res
    In the middle
  19. When did Modernism take place?
  20. traits of modernism:
    • linked political and social crises with crisis of representation
    • challenged human ability of reason and perception to understand the world
    • broke away from romanticism and realism and experiment with new narrative techniques
  21. what is literary impressionism?
    focusing on the characters thoughts and feelings but making the reader interpret the meanings of these things.
  22. What city is the whited sepulchre?
  23. what are the three stations?
    • Outer station: where marlow sees dead bodies then the receptionist
    • Central station: where marlow first hears of kurtz, thinks everyone is artificial, tenseness with the manager
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