PreSolo Written Exam

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  1. What personal documents and endorsements are you required to have before you fly solo?
    • a. Endorsed student pilot certificate/medical certificate
    • b. Endorsed logbook (within the last 90 days)
  2. What are your student pilot limitations regarding carriage of passengers or cargoand flying for compensation or hire?
    A student pilot or a private pilot cannot carry passengers or cargo for compensation or hire.
  3. Explain student pilot limitations concerning visibility and flight above clouds.
    • a. Visibility: 3 SM for day, 5 SM for night
    • b. Surface-to-ground visibility at all times.
  4. Who has the [mal authority and responsibility for the operation of the aircraftwhen you are flying solo?
    You - PIC
  5. Discuss what preflight actions concerning the airport and aircraft performance isspecified in the regulations for a local flight?
    • (RAWFAT)
    • a. Runway lengths and takeoff/landing distances
    • b. Weather reports and forecasts
    • c. Fuel requirements
    • d. Alternate airports
    • e. Known traffic delays
  6. During engine run up, you cause rocks, debris, and propeller blast to be directedtoward another aircraft or person, Could this be considered careless or recklessoperation of an aircraft?
  7. You may not fly as pilot of a civil aircraft within 8 hours afterconsumption of any alcoholic beverage, or while you have 0.04% by weight or more alcohol in your blood.
    8 hours

    0.04% blood alcohol
  8. What are the general requirements pertaining to the use of safety belts andshoulder harness?
    What are the general requirements pertaining to the use of safety belts andshoulder harness?
  9. What is the minimum fuel 'reserve for day VFR flight, and on what cruise speed isthe fuel reserve based?
    • a. FOR DAY: 30 minutes at normal cruise speed 
    • b. FOR NIGHT: 45 minutes at normal cruise speed
  10. A transponder with Mode C is required at all times in all airspace at andabove 10,000 feet MSL, excluding that airspace at and below feet 10,000 feet AGL.
    A mode C transponder is required whenever operating within 30 NM from a class B airport and within a class C airspace up to 10,000 AGL.
  11. What aircraft certificates and documents must be on board when you are flying solo?
    • A -  Air worthiness certificate
    • R -  Registration
    • 0 -  Operating handbook
    • W-  Weight and balance information
  12. No person may operate an aircraft so close to another aircraft as to create a(n)
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