vocab #7

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  1. diversion
    something that diverts or amuses
  2. divulge
    to make known, reveal
  3. docile
    easy to manage
  4. dogmatic
    very stubborn adherence to beliefs
  5. eclectic
    selecting from a wide variety of sources, methods, styles
  6. effervescent
    to give off bubbles and thus be bubbly, exuberant
  7. desultory
    marked by a lack of a plan or purpose, lacking direction
  8. dilatory
    tending to delay or procrastinate
  9. disabuse
    to rid of false ideas, enlighten, free from error
  10. disdain
    to look on with scorn
  11. disingenuous
    giving a false appearance of simple frankness, hence, calculating and crafty
  12. disparage
    to run down, belittle, speak poorly of
  13. corroborate
    to support with evidence, confirm a claim
  14. decorum
    conformity to accepted norms of behavior
  15. defile
    to make unclear or impure, desecrate
  16. demonstrative
    an open display of feelings
  17. demystify
    to make clear and thus less baffling
  18. desolate
    lonely, uninhabited
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