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  1. Are the real "functional unit" of the nervous system, forming complex processing networks within the brain and spinal cord that bring all regions of the body under CNS control
  2. Though smaller than neurons, greatly outnumber them. They are the "glue" that supports and maintain the neuronal networks
  3. (little trees) are the receiving end of the neuron. They are short, highly branched structures that conduct impulses toward the cell body. Also contain organelles
  4. Conducts impulses away from the cell body toward another neuron or effector cell.
  5. that portion of the nervous system that consists of the brain and spinal cord
    Central nervous system
  6. The part of the nervous system that lies outside of the central nervous system, consisting of nerves and ganglia.
    Peripheral nervous system
  7. Neurons whose axons extend only for a short distance and contact nearby neurons in the brain, spinal cord, or a ganglion; they compromise the vast majority of neurons in the body. Also called association neurons.
  8. Neuron that carries sensory information from cranial and spinal nerves into the brain and spinal cord or from a lower to a higher level in the spinal cord and brain.
    Afferent Neurons (sensory neurons)
  9. Neurons that conduct impulses from the brain toward the spinal cord or out of the brain and spinal cord into cranial or spinal nerves to effectors that may be either muscles or glands.
    Efferent Neurons (motor neuron)
  10. Multilayered lipid and protein covering, formed by Schwann cells and oligodendrocytes, around axon of many peripheral and central nervous system neurons
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