forensic accounting

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  1. documents...
    contain fingerprints
  2. Information on the back of a check typically includes all of the following except:
    • a. the teller who processed the transaction.
    • b. the branch number where check was cashed.
    • c. whether the check represented a payment or was deposited.
  3. Marking the evidence includes:
    copying the document and storing the original in an envelope
  4. link analysis is used to associate ...
    people, places, and events
  5. conversion searches are performed to...
    • -determine the extent of embezzlement.
    • -To gather evidence that can be used to obtain a confession.
  6. public records searches include:
    • I. Google.
    • II. utility records.
    • III. trash cover.
  7. when talking about government sources of information
    . federal records are generally not as useful as state records in fraud investigations.
  8. the postal service
    is responsible for protecting people from loss through theft that involves the mail.
  9. social security numbers
    are published monthly by the government when they are considered "dead."
  10. credit reporting agencies
    maintain information about family members, income levels, and buying habits
  11. The net worth method includes which of the following equations/relationships?
    Income = Net Worth Increase + Living Expenses
  12. All of the following are specific guidelines for a successful interviewer
    • a. maintain full control of the interview.
    • b. require direct responses. 
    • d. clearly understand each answer before continuing with the interview.
  13. types of questions is used in routine interviews
    • informational
    • and
    • introductory
  14. inhibitors of conversion
    • b. trauma.
    • c. inferential confusion.
    • d. forgetting.
  15. "Is this the first time you have taken from the company? Is this the
    first time you have created an overdraft?" are an example of what type
    of question?
  16. signed statements
    as a general rule should not include words such as "lie" and "steal."
  17. graphology is...
    The study of handwriting for the purpose of character analysis is:
  18. How body movements convey meaning is the study of:
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