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  1. fisst-degree burns involve ___ layer of the skin
  2. 2nd degree burns involve ___ layer of the skin
    dermis and epidermis
  3. 3rd degree burns involve _ layer of the skin
    all layers including muscle or bone destroyed
  4. where are merocrine glands located
    palms soles of feet and forehead
  5. where are aprocrine glands located
    axillary and genital area.
  6. characteristics of epithelial tissue
    • -cellulary
    • -polarity,
    • -avascular,
    • -regenerative.
  7. List types of membranes
    • 1) serous membranes: line peritoneum, pericardium, & pleura
    • 2) Synovial membranes: lines movable joints
    • 3) fibrous membranes: binds, nourishes, and growth
  8. where are sebaceous and sweat glands located
    • sebaceous: by hair follicle
    • me
    • merocrine gland: sweat gland
  9. skin graft when tissue taken from location of another person's body
  10. skin graft from identical twin
  11. from lateral view of vertibra, projection that points upward
    superior articular process of vertebra
  12. lateral areas between front and back os spinal bones
    pedicle of vertebra
  13. area between lateral projections and anterior projection on spinal bones
    lamina of vertebra
  14. largest part of spinal bones from anterior view
    body of vertebra
  15. hole between lower anterior projection and spinal bone column
    inferior vertebral notch
  16. big fucking hole in center of spinal bone
    vertebral foramen
  17. 2 forms of brone development
    intramembranous & endochondrial ossification
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