Lecture 2-2 Integumentary system

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  1. 5 cells of the epidermis
    • 1) stem cells: give rise to keratinocytes
    • 2) keratinocytes: synthesize keratin (majority of epidermal cells)
    • 3) melanocytes: synthesizes melanin (Shields UV)
    • 4) Tactile/merkel cells: touch receptor
    • 5) dendritic/Langerhans cells: macrophages found in stratum spinosum and granulosum.
  2. what layer of the epidermis do melanocytes and stem cells only occur in
    stratum basale
  3. layer tactile or merkel cells are found in the epidermis
    stratum bacale
  4. Name the layer of skin that:
    -varies in thickness
    -contains collagenous, reticular, and elastic fibers
    -contains muscle fibers, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, nerve endings, hair follicles, and glands
    -cells found here: fibroblasts, macrophages, and adipocytes
    -2 layers:   -papillary layer & reticularl
  5. layer dendritic Langerhans' cells found in the epidermis
    in the stratum spanosum or granulosum
  6. layers of the dermis
    • 1) papillary layer: superficial rich in blood vessles
    • 2) reticular layer: dense irregular connective tissue
  7. layers of the hypodermis
    contains more areolar and adipose tissue than dermis
  8. 3 elements influencing skin color
    • 1) carotene: yellow/orange
    • 2) melanin: reddish/brown
    • 3) hemoglobin: pinkish
  9. cyanosis is
    bluish color from lack of oxygen
  10. diagnostic value of skin color change:

    1) red
    3) ash
    4) Yellow
  11. 1) erythema: dilated vessles (red)
    • 3) pallor: little blood flow
    • 4) jaundice: hepatic (liver) failure.
  12. rule for recognizing malignant melanoma
    • A: asymmetry
    • B: border irregularity
    • C: color
    • D: diameter
  13. skin cancer that is large, raised, and circular. most common least deadly

    From cells in the _____ layer of the epidermis
    basal cell carcinoma

    stratum basale
  14. tumor that arises from keratinocytes, lesions appear. chance of recovery is good w/early detection.

    arises from ___ layer in the epidermis
    squamous cell carcinoma

    stratum spinosum
  15. tumor that raised, dark red, arises from melanocytes (often in preexisting mole). Metastasizes rapidly and unresponsive to chemotherapy

    Arises from the____ layer of the epidermis
    malignant melanoma

    stratum basale
  16. where are these glands located:
    1) aprocrine
    2) sebaceous
    3) merocrine
    • 1) genital regions, armpits
    • 2) near hair follicle (not hands/feet.
    • 3) sweat glands (palm soles of feet).
  17. glands in your ears and what do they do
    ceruminous glands produce ear wax
  18. name 2 types of sudoriferous glands
    aprocrine and merocrine glands
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Lecture 2-2 Integumentary system
Lecture 2-2 Integumentary system
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