Chapter 6 Religion

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  1. Jesus told his disciples that the ________ __________ would empower them to continue the work he had begun.
    Holy Spirit
  2. As baptized members of the Church, we have received the Gift of the ____________ _____________.
    Holy Spirit
  3. The Book of ______________ recounts that the Holy Spirit moved among creation as the very wind, breath, and spirit of creation.
  4. The Holy Spirit is and has always been ________________ and __________ of the Church. The source of her strength and gifts.
    the life and guider
  5. The Holy Spirit is at work in our efforts to share our faith with the world through _________________.
  6. The Holy Spirit spoke through the prophets revealing God's plan to send the ________________ to save the people from their sins.
  7. During the __________________, God led the Israelites through the desert in a column of cloud and fire.
  8. What are 4 symbols of the Holy Spirit?
    • Dove
    • Fire
    • Water
    • Column of Cloud and Fire
  9. What is the Messiah?
    the person God planned to send to save the people from their sins
  10. The word Messiah comes from?
    Hebrew word that means Anoited One
  11. What is Pentecost?
    the day on which the Holy Spirit came to Jesus' first disciples as Jesus promised in Jerasulem - Holy Spirit came to them tongues as of fire and they began to speak in different tongues
  12. Pentecost marks the beginning of the ________________.
  13. The word Pentecost comes from?
    a Greek word meaning 50th
  14. On the ___________ day after _____________, the Jews celebrated a harvest festival.
    • 50th
    • Passover
  15. The Christian feast of Pentecost comes _________ days after ___________ and is the final Sunday of the Easter season.
    • 50
    • Easter
  16. Facts about Pope John Paul II:
    • 5/18/1920-2005
    • born Karol Jozef Wojtyla
    • born in Wadowice, Poland
    • became bishop at age of 38 - youngest bishop in Polish history
    • elected pope in 1978
    • papal writings fill 150 volumes
    • 1st non-Italian pope since the 16th century (in 456 years)
    • youngest pope (at age 58) since Pope Pius IX in 1846
    • Traveled to more places than any other pope in Church history
    • Dedicated to equality, solidarity, human rights, new evangelization
    • He was beatified and declared Blessed by Pope Benedict XVI in 2011
    • He authored an autobiography, poetry, and prayer
  17. What is a prophet?
    someone who speaks on behalf of God, defends the truth and works for justice
  18. The Holy Spirit spoke through the _______________ teaching the ________________ to remain faithful to God.
    • prophets
    • Israelites
  19. What did receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit at baptism enable us to do?
    share Jesus' teachings and love with all people everywhere
  20. The Holy Spirit is active in God's plan of _________________.
  21. Through the power of the ___________ ____________, Jesus taught, healed, and worked miracles, and saved people from sin.
    Holy Spirit
  22. What does the Holy Spirit symbol "fire" represent?
    the Holy Spirit's ability to completely transform God's people

    The Holy Spirit came upon Jesus' disciples as a flame at Pentecost

    Symbolic of the light and love we experience through the Holy Spirit in our relationship with God
  23. What does the Holy Spirit symbol "dove" represent?
    freedom/peace/purity - it is also the most common symbol of the Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus at his Baptism like a dove

    Holy Spirit remains in the hearts of the baptized
  24. What does the Holy Spirit symbol "water" represent?
    renewal, refreshment, and giving of new life
  25. How is the Holy Spirit at work in the Church?
    • Holy Spirit at work in the Scripture and Tradition and Magesterium, and Sacraments, and Prayers
    • Holy Spirit guides priests and deacons
    • Holy Spirit guides us to the right thing
    • Holy Spirit helps us to express and live our faith
    • Holy Spirit helps us share our faith with the world through evangelization
  26. What are the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit?
    • Counsel
    • Fear of the Loard
    • Fortitude
    • Knowledge
    • Piety
    • Understanding
    • Wisdom
  27. What does "spirare" mean? What is the origin of the word?
    Latin word that means breathe
  28. Who created World Youth Day? How often is it held?
    • Blessed Pope John Paul II
    • every 2 years
  29. Because our work and our ministry are expressions of our worth as children of God, list 3 specific gifts, talents, or abilities you have and how you can use these to serve other people in your family, school, and church
    • Family - read the bible with my family
    • School - participate by serving at school Mass
    • Church - participate by reading at youth Mass
  30. The Holy Spirit is often called the Advocate. What does Advocate mean?
    someone who speaks on someone else's behalf and supports them
  31. The Holy Spirit is always present with the ___________ and the _____________.
    Father and the Son
  32. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is _____________. 2 Corinthians 3:17

    When he comes, the Spirit of _______, he will guide you to all __________. John 16:13

    truth and truth
  33. What did the apostle Peter tell the crowds gathered on Pentecost?
    That Jesus died, rose, and is with the Father in Heaven, and sent forth the Holy Spirit, Repent and be baptized and you will be forgiven
  34. The _____________ are our ancestors in faith.
  35. The Holy Spirit has been with man since the beginning of creation to help man remain _____________ to God.
  36. Prophets were inspired by the _________ ______________ to teach and guide.
    Holy Spirit
  37. What are some ways the Holy Spirit was active in the life of Jesus?
    Holy Spirit was active in Mary becoming pregnant with Jesus, provided strength and guidance to Jesus, Holy Spirit came upon Jesus at his Baptism and strengthened him and descended upon him in bodily form like a dove
  38. Even though the visitors to Jerusalem didn't all speak the same language, they could understand the good news the _____________ were proclaiming through the power of the Holy Spirit
  39. As Catholics, we say that the Holy Spirit is "the love shared between God the ____________ and God the _____________. Who was this way of speaking about the Holy Spirit handed down by?
    • Father Son
    • St Augustine of Hippo
  40. The Holy Spirit ________________ us, or makes us holy.
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