lab 6 bones

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  1. bone on shoulder that meets up w/clavical
    acromion of scapula
  2. part of shoulder blade that joins to the humerous
    glenoid cavity of scapula
  3. what are the 3 shallow depressions of the shoulder blades and where are they
    • 1) supraspinatus fossa: long side, superior to spine
    • 2) Infraspinatus fossa: inferior to spine, long side
    • 3) subscapular: below spine, short end.
  4. 1) projection on posterior
    2) ball on top 
    3) innermost projection on upper anterior
    4) projection from muscle
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    • 1) greater tubercle of humerus
    • 2) head of humerus
    • 3) lesser tubercle of humerus
    • 4) deltoid tuberosity of humerus
  5. 1) protrusion on lower left of anterior bone
    2) protrusion on lower right anterior bone.
    3) 2nd protrusion from lower medial projection on posterior (below crevice)
    4) grove on top of region in #3 but posterior
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    • 1) medial epichondyle of humerus
    • 2) lateral epichondyle of humerus
    • 3) trochlea of humerous
    • 4) olecranon fossa
  6. forearm bones
    radius (radiates out) ulna (by body)
  7. where does muscle pull on outer forearm bone
    the radial tuberosity of radius
  8. point at bottom of outer forearm bone
    styloid process of radius
  9. inner attachment part of elbow
    trochlear notch
  10. pointy inside of elbow
    coronoid process of ulna
  11. what's the outer elbow bump called
    olecranon process
  12. list right hand carpals clockwise
    • 1) hamate
    • 2) capitate
    • 3) Trapezoid
    • 4) Trapezium
    • 5) scaphoid
    • 6) lunate
    • 7) traquetrium (bottom)
    • 8) pisiform (top)

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  13. 1) bones attached to the wrist are called
    2) finger bones are called
    • 1) metacarpals
    • 2) phalanges
  14. poky point on inner forearm bone near wrist
    styloid process of ulna
  15. 1) region on end points of upper backward C
    Image Upload
    1) greater trochanter (top), lesser Trochanter (bottom).
  16. on bottom section of thigh bone, name left and right most points
    outside: (upper) lateral epichondyle, (lower) later condyle. OF FEMUR

    inside: (upper) medial epichondyle, (lower) medial condyle. OF FEMUR
  17. 1) knee bone,
    2) lower leg bone names
    3) name of ankle bone
    • 1) patella
    • 2) Tibia (big), fibula (small)
    • 3) lateral malleolus of fibula
  18. list right foot ankle bones clockwise
    • (2 big bones at top): talus, Calcaneus (big)
    • 1) navicular
    • 2) cuboid bone
    • 3) lateral
    • 4) Intermediate
    • 5) medial

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  19. structural and functional classification of joint that occurs in skull
    fibrous suture (seam), synarthrosis (together joint) respectively

  20. tooth joint structural and functional classification
    fibrous gomphosis (bolt together), synarthrosis (together joint)

  21. tibiofibular joint structural and functional classification
    fibrous synesmosis (a bond ligiment), amphiarthrosis (around both sides joint)

    -slightly movable
  22. epiphyseal plate structural and functional classification
    cartilage synchondrosis (w/cartilage), synarthrosis  (together joint)

  23. pubic symphysis
    cartilage symphysis (w/growth), amphiarthrosis (around both sides joint)

    -slightly moveable
  24. 1) joints at intercarpals, knee, elbow, dens, base of thumb and hip: name the structural and functional classification

    2) what's on the outside of the joint
    3) what's the inside called
    4) what's the cartilage between bones
    5) what's the outer and inside of wall called
    1) synovial joint, diarthrosis (accross joint)

    • 2) synovial membrane of joint
    • 3) synovial cavity of joint
    • 4) articular cartilage
    • 5) articular capsule
  25. lateral ligament from femur to fibula
    fibular collateral ligament
  26. lateral ligament from fibula to tibia
    Tibial collateral ligament
  27. cartilage between femur and tibia
    lateral  meniscus and medial menisculs of knee joint.
  28. anterior ligament that  reaches from tibia to femur in center
    ACL (anterior craciate ligament)
  29. posterior ligament that  reaches from tibia to femur in center
    PCL (posterior cruciate ligament)
  30. huge ligament on tibia
    patellar ligament
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