Ladder 61 Notes (Rosenbauer)

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  1. To put truck in aerial mode:
    Transmission in neutral and push aerial power switch
  2. For 110v lights:
    generator has to be on (aerial power on and on at pump panel).
  3. Pump PTO is ________ of Aerial PTO
  4. disengaging the parking brake disengages the ...
    aerial power
  5. aerial hours only increase when ...
    ladder is actually in motion, not when idle in aerial mode
  6. outrigger/aerial override switches use the ___________ pump
    main hydraulic
  7. outrigger/aerial override switches overrides ...
  8. emergency pump is an
    electric starter motor powering a separate pump
  9. outrigger lights blink fast when
    the jack is somewhere between retracted and extended
  10. outrigger lights blink slow when ...
    interlock is on, but the specific outrigger is short jacked.
  11. outrigger lights blink steady when ...
    the jack outrigger is fully deployed
  12. switches on outriggers cannot be ...
  13. goal is to take the ______ out of the tire
  14. make sure at least ____ pins holes are visible
  15. insert pins into
    nearest open hole
  16. do not lower the jacks ...
    onto the pins
  17. wheel chock the ...
    front tires with slightly extra space
  18. command chair can _____ the bucket
  19. tip load at worst possible situation when flowing water is
    500 lbs
  20. tip load at worst possible situation when dry is
    1000 lbs
  21. FireCom box: the left button is
  22. Insight unit (at turntable) mode button does
  23. Insight Unit (at turntable) for total gallons flowed
    push total and add two zeros (number resets when aerial power is turned off)
  24. rotation/extend/raise disabled prevents movement that
    would damage the truck
  25. no sensor to prevent
    running bucket into the ground
  26. based on tip load will prevent movement that
    loads the truck outside of parameters
  27. full range of motion at 90 degrees rotation
    with relation to the vehicle
  28. to get past safety features look at compartment to rear of turntable
    manually hold high idle switch continuously the use the switches
  29. emergency stop button kills
    all hydraulic power
  30. autobed will put the ladder away automatically with the following parameters within ___ degrees from all sides with respect to up/down and left/right
  31. autobed will put the ladder away automatically with the following parameters within _____ extension
    30-40 ft
  32. autobed will put the ladder away automatically with the following parameters: ___________ auto bed switch
    push and hold
  33. when bedding: hold lower or auto bed switch for __ seconds once cradled
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