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  1. What happens to a player if they are found to have illegal equipment?
    They are sent to the sideline for one play, no timeout required
  2. If a player is sent out for illegal equipment, when may they return to the game?
    Once the equipment is made legal
  3. If a player has illegal equipment and the team does not want them out of the game, what may they elect to do?
    They can take a timeout
  4. If equipment becomes illegal through play, must a player leave the game?
    No, but they may not participate until the equipment is made legal
  5. When a pile occurs, what may a player not do to opponents?
    They may not use forcible contact to pull or push an opponent off the pile
  6. What are the steps of penalties for sideline infractions?
    Warning, 5 yard DOG, 5 yard DOG, UNS
  7. When the helmet comes off a defensive player, what is the play clock set to?
    Always 40 seconds
  8. If the ball is not ready to be snapped, at what point is the play clock reset to 25 seconds?
    If the ball is not ready by the time the clock reads 25. Referee will signal a timeout and set the clock to 25.
  9. Can a player use an overbuilt facemask?
    No, not as of 2015 season
  10. If a receiving team player blocks the kicking team before the ball goes 10 yards, can this be reviewed by replay?
    Yes as of 2015
  11. When may a down error be corrected?
    May be done any time within that series of downs or before the ball is legally next put in play after that series.
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