Week 2 Review Questions Part 1

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  1. Employees whose duties require them to be qualified on the Operating Rules and Timetable must schedule and attend Operating Rules Class
    once every calendar year
  2. Employees covered by the Operating Rules who have not performed service on MNR for over 30 days must report to whom?
    Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers-System
  3. Whom must engineers returning to work report prior to accepting an assignment?
    Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers-System
  4. Employees in the following crafts are required to take periodic medical examinations?
    Train and Engine Service Employees
  5. Train and Engine Service Employees must take medical examination
    once every three years.
  6. Rail Traffic Controllers are in charge of?
    Movement of trains and equipment on main and other tracks  specified in the Timetable, and issue instructions to employees connected with these movements.
  7. Engineers are governed by the following operating instructions.  They must maintain these documents and have them when reporting for duty and while performing service (6 items).
    • Operating Rules
    • Timetables
    • Equipment Operating Instructions
    • Electrical instructions for Operating Employees
    • General Safety Instructions
    • Emergency Instructions. 
  8. One of the duties of an engineer is?
    To operate their train safely and in accordance with all rules and instructions
  9. Engineers will allow student engineers to operate their train only when this can be done
    safely and  without causing unnecessary train delay
  10. Student engineers will operate only under the
    direct, personal supervision of the engineer
  11. Who is allowed to operate a train or locomotive?
    Only a certified Locomotive Engineer or a student engineers under the direct supervision of a certified locomotive Engineer. 
  12. What must all engineers carry while on duty? (Certification Wise)
    A valid Locomotive Engineer Certificate issued by MNR
  13. Engineers are responsible for ensuring what about their certificate?
    The accuracy of information
  14. Whom must engineers notify if they discover they do not have their certificate in the possession while operating a train?
    Engineers must notify the RTC immediately
  15. Engineers must report to a __________ of engines any suspension of their driver's license or motor vehicle related conviction ____________ of final judgment
    System Road Foreman

    within three days
  16. General orders are numbered?
  17. DTOBO's are in effect for?
    24 hours from 0001 to 2400
  18. All Bulletin Orders are numbered?
  19. If copies of all applicable General Orders, Bulletin Orders, General Notices and Operations Notices are not posted or available when reporting, or if reporting for duty at a point that is not a specified Bulletin Board location who will the employee contact for instructions?
  20. While performing service, employees whose duties involve or are affected by the movement of trains must have what type of watch?
    A reliable watch, in good working order, which simultaneously shows hours, minutes and seconds.
  21. Watches must be set to a? (3 items)
    • Standard clock
    • Another employee
    • Call the OCC
  22. While performing service, train and engine service employees must carry an ______________________ in good working order
    MNR Safety Department approved flashlight
  23. While performing service, train service and other employees whose duty may require them to give hand signals must carry flagging equipment consisting of?
    A red flag, white light and 6 fusees
  24. Any object waved violently by any person on or near the tracks will be considered?
    A signal to stop 
  25. Trains and track cars must not be operated from their origination point without a minimum of ________________ on board for the purpose of giving had signals. Supplies depleted en route will be replenished at the first opportunity.
    one red flag and 6 fusees
  26. When hand signals are given to direct the movement of a train or track car they must?
    Be given from a point where they will be clearly seen and in a manner that can be understood and sufficiently ahead of time to permit compliance 
  27. Movements directed by hand signals must stop immediately if: (3 items)
    There is doubt concerning the meaning of the signal

    There is doubt for whom the signal is intended for 

    The signal disappears from view 
  28. Between sunrise and sunset, when visibility permits, hand signals may be given?
    With or without a flag
  29. When visibility is limited, and at all times between sunset and sunrise, hand signals will be given with?
    A white light
  30. If the engine horn fails en route, the train may continue to the nearest
    Designated Repair Facility.
  31. What must the engineer do if the engine horn fails en route? (4 items)
    Notify the RTC as soon as possible

    Ring the bell continuously, if so equipped

    Approach highway grade crossing prepared to stop until the engineer observes that crossing warning devices are working as intended and the crossing is clear

    Approach locations where roadway workers are known to be on or about the tracks not exceeding 30 MPH 
  32. If the engine is equipped with a bell, it must be sounded: (5 items)
    When the engine is about to move, except at passenger station stops

    While approaching and passing over a public highway crossing at grade

    When passing a train standing on an adjacent track

    While approaching and passing roadway workers on or near the tracks

    In an emergency
  33. When the buzzer is inoperative and cannot be repaired without causing delay, the train may proceed after the engineer and conductor determine the alternate means of communications. In order of preference, the following means may be used. (4 items, must be in order)
    Intercom, PA system, Radio, Hand Signals
  34. Emergency must be repeated how many times during an emergency transmission?
  35. In addition, emergency calls must be made for the following: (2 items)
    Overrunning limits of authority 

    Overrunning Stop indications 
  36. The headlight must be dimmed when (5 items)
    When standing or approaching another train operating in the opposite direction in multiple track territory, except when approaching a highway grade crossing

    At all times between GCT and CP1

    When standing or passing through yards and yard tracks

    Approaching locations where a Form M is to be received

    When standing or moving on single track at meeting points 
  37. The headlight must be extinguished when a train has ___________ on a  ______ to  _______ another train
    stopped in the clear


  38. If one auxiliary light fails, how may a train operate?
    Without restriction until its next calendar day mechanical inspection
  39. If both auxiliary lights fail, the train may operate to the ____________________  Train must not exceed ______________________
    • next forward location where repairs can be made.

    • 20 MPH over all highway grade crossings
  40. How far can a locomotive or M series cars operate if the headlight fails and at least one auxiliary light is in operation?
    To next forward location where repairs can be made.

  41. If the headlight fails and all auxiliary lights fail, or if the headlight fails on Bombardier Cab Cars, regardless of the condition of the auxiliary lights, the train may operate only to the next forward location where repairs can be made.  The RTC must be notified immediately, and:
    • A white light must be substituted in the cab window
    • The engine bell must be sounded continuously
    • The horn must be sounded frequently
    • Trains must stop and warn at all highway grade crossings both public and private  
  42. What is the MAS for the following:
    Other than main tracks: ______________

    Any movement where the engineer is not operating from the leading end of the movement:____________________

    Movement through hand operated switches in the diverging position: ________________

    On yard tracks designated as mechanical tracks:__________________

    When coupling to equipment:____________
    Restricted Speed not exceeding 10 MPH

    Restricted Speed

    Restricted speed not exceeding 10 MPH

    Restricted Speed not exceeding 5 MPH 

    2 MPH
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