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  1. Who am I? I am a judge of Israel. My father's name was A'nath. My judgeship fell between E'hud & Ba'rak. I struck down 600 Phi.lis'tine men with a cattle goad to save Israel. Who am I?
    Sham'gar (Judges 3:31)
  2. I am the son of Ge'ra, a Benjaminite. I was chosen by Jehovah to deliver Israel from 18 years of bondage to Moab. With my left hand I killed the Moabite king by thrusting a two-edge sword into his belly. Then my army captured the fords of the Jordan & proceeded to kill 10,000 Moabite warriors & save Israel. Who am I?
    E'hud (Judges 3:12- 30)
  3. I am son of Ke'naz, of the tribe of Judah. Nephew of Ca'leb. Some time after the death of Joshua, Jehovah allowed Cu'shan-rish.a.tha'im, King of Syria to rule over Israel for 8 years. When Israel called for help, Jehovah's spirit came upon me & HE gave Cu'shan-rish.a.tha'im into my hand. Thereafter, the land had rest for 40 years. Who am I?
    Oth'ni.el (Judges 3:8- 11)
  4. I am from the territory of Naph' Ja'bin, King of Ca'naan oppressed Israel for 20 years. A prophetess sent for me & told me Jehovah's command to conquer Ja'bin & his chief officer Sis'e.ra. 900 chariots with iron scythes Sis'e.ra had at his command. Jehovah subdued them by means of an overwhelming torrent in the Ki'shon valley. I conquered the Canaanites but, I did not kill Sis'e.ra. He fell by the hands of a woman. Who am I?
    Ba'rak (Judges 4:1- 24)
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