Week 3 Review Questions Part 1

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  1. What is a Form M?
    A Form M is a mandatory directive issued by the RTC that contains essential information or instructions
  2. Whom must Form M's be addressed to?
    Those who are to execute them
  3. Form M's must be?
    Legible, without erasure or alteration
  4. Form M's must be received by employees who are?
    Qualified on Metro North Operating Rules and physical characteristics of the territory where form M will take effect. 
  5. When can an employee at the controls of a moving train or track car  receive a Form M?
  6. In the opinion of the conductor,  engineer or RTC when can a Form M not be transmitted?
    When it will impair the safe operation of the train. 
  7. When Form M's are being dictated and repeated, numerals in the _________ and on line _________ must be pronounced __________

    1 thru 14 

    digit by digit
  8. What does an employee receiving a Form M have to tell the RTC before the Form M is issued?
    That the employee is ready to copy
  9. What will the employee receiving the Form M state to the RTC when receiving the Form M?
    His identification or call sign, location and that he is ready to copy
  10. How will an RTC dictate a Form M?
    Starting at the top lines and working down the form in order
  11. After the RTC completes dictation of the Form M, what will the receiving employee do?
    The employee must read back the entire Form M in the same format that it was dictated
  12. Once the Form M has been_________, the RTc will provide the time effective and the RTC's name.  The employee receiving the Form M then will repeat the__________________, and will provide his ____________
    • Repeated correctly,
    • Time effective, the RTC' name
    • craft and last name
  13. A photocopier, fax machine, or other electronic device may be used to transmit and reproduce the Form M.  All Form M's transmitted or copied by electronic device must be checked for?
  14. when written copies of the Form M are hand delivered to trains or track cars, what must the RTC verify?
    That the conductor, pilot, engineer, foreman or track car driver are in possession of the Form M
  15. When a Form M is physically delivered at an interlocking, the RTC must display a Stop indication until?
    The engineer has acknowledge that the Form M has physically been delivered
  16. If communication fails during transmission of Form M before the time effective has been given, can the information contained in the Form M be acted upon?
  17. What must the RTC  instruct employees receiving a Form M to do if an error discovered before the time effective has been given?
    The RTC will instruct the receiving employee to destroy their copies
  18. If an error is discovered after the time effective the Form M must?
    Be cancelled
  19. What can be added to a Form M after the time effective has been given?
    • Line 11 Blocks Clear
    • Extension of time allowed under
    • line 1, 2 or 3
    • Cancellation or Fulfillment information
    • The name and craft of the employee receiving Form M
  20. When information is t be added by the RTC, the RTC must specify the?
    Permit Number and the date of the Form M
  21. When Form M's are dictated to an employee on a train or track car, the receiving employee must ensure that all employees addressed on the Form M?
    Receive a copy prior to the first location where Form M takes effect
  22. On a train, whom must have a written copy of the Form M?
    Both, the conductor and engineer
  23. What is required of other crew members when a Form M is issued to the conductor and engineer?
    They must read and understand the information on the Form M
  24. When must be the addressed employees read a Form M?
    Immediately upon receipt
  25. How long do Form M's  remain in effect?
    Until Fulfilled or Cancelled
  26. Form M's that are fulfilled or cancelled must have what information noted on the appropriate line?
    Date and Time
  27. How will a Form M that has been fulfilled or cancelled be marked?
    With an X through the body of Form M
  28. How long are RTC's required to retain for inspection fulfilled or cancelled Form M's? Other employees?
    • RTC's = 7 days
    • Other employees = 1 day
  29. How will Form M be numbered?
    Consecutively by dispatching district
  30. What is Form M line 1 used for?
    • Used to authorize Scheduled trains, extra trains and track cars under MBS rules
    • Track Cars, under CTC rules
    • For a one-way movement
  31. It is not required for Scheduled trains to receive a time limit for their line 1 authority? (True/ False)
  32. What is a Form M line 2 used for?
    Exclusive use of a track in both directions within specified limits
  33. Speed restrictions given on Form M, that do not have Speed Signs in service. the ________ locations must be _____________
    • Milepost
    • whole mileposts
  34. _____________ or other __________may also be used and must include the____________
    • Catenary Locations
    • clearly defined points
    • the milepost location (miles and tenths)
  35. How many Line 13 extensions may be issued for each Form M?
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