Week 3 Review Questions Part 2 (MBS Rules)

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  1. When can tracks under MBS control be found?
    In the Line Special Instructions or by Bulletin Order
  2. Under MBS Rules, how many trains are allowed to occupy a block Rule 12-B?
  3. What are the exceptions to Rule 12-B?
    For the purpose of rescuing disabled trains

    • For the purpose of making a reverse movement at a hand operated switch or interlocking switch 
  4. How will scheduled trains in MBS territory be authorized?
    Form M, Line 1 and 11
  5. How ill extra trains or track cars be authorized in MBD territory?
    Form M, Lines 1, 2 and 11
  6. Before admitting a train to a block, the RTC must examine what before he/ she may issue an authority to train?
    The RTC must examine the Record of Train Movement and verify that switches are properly lined.
  7. What document(s) would you use to find where MBS block limits are located?
    Employee Timetable or Bulletin Order
  8. What document(s) will be used to establish temporary Block Limits in MBS territory?
    Bulletin Order or Form M line 10
  9. Train must, unless issued, Blocks(s) Clear authority by Form M line 11 for subsequent blocks must?
    • Reduce to Medium Speed upon passing Approach Block Limit Sign
    • Approach the Block Limit Sign prepared to stop
    • Not pass the Block Limit until provided with Block(s) Clear authority by Form M line 11
  10. How many trains that have Block(s) clear authority for subsequent block(s) proceed past Approach Block Limit and Block Limit signs?
    Trains may proceed at MAS
  11. Assist trains for disabled trains may occupy the same block at the disabled train only after receiving what?
    Form M line 8
  12. What Form Line will be issued to a disabled train?
    Form M line 7
  13. May an RTC issue a Form M line 8  to assist train before a Line 7 (remain at) is given to the disabled train?
    No, the disabled train must have Form M line 7 (remain at) before a line 8 is issued to the assist train.
  14. From the block preceding the disabled train to the location of the disabled train, how will the assist train operate?
    At Restricted Speed
  15. The crew of the disabled train must  flag protect their train from the assisting train in the direction from which the assisting train is approaching. What is the prescribed distance that a flagger must be at to protect against the oncoming movement?
    Distance of 1/4 mile
  16. May trains in MBS territory make a reverse movement in the block they occupy without permission?
  17. If the engineer is not on the leading end of the equipment, at what speed may the reverse movement be made at?
    Restricted Speed
  18. When may trains or track cars occupy a block in MBS territory without Form M authority?
    For the purpose of clearing a switch in order to make a movement in the opposite direction
  19. In reference to the above question, how will permission be obtained to make  such a movement? How fast can the movement be made?
    Verbal Permission of the RTC, Restricted Speed
  20. All MEETs in MBS territory must occur at siding specified by?
    Employee Timetable or Bulletin Order
  21. For all scheduled and unscheduled meets, both trains involved in the meet must be issued a Form M line 12 indicating: (3 items)
    • Schedule number if a scheduled train and engine number of the train to be met
    • Location of the meet
    • Which train is to take the siding
  22. The engineer must sound engine Horn 4-E (5) (___ ___O) How far from the location of a meet?
    At least one mile prior to the meet
  23. In reference to the above question, if the engineer does not sound the horn for the meet, what must crew members do?
    Take immediate action to stop the train
  24. Train instructed to take the siding for a meet must enter at?
    First switch to that siding
  25. Trains and track cars must report to the RTC that they are clear of the block as soon as?
    • The entire movement has passed each Block limit
    • Unless otherwise instructed by Form M or the RTC
  26. May hand operated switch in MBS territory be operated without permission of the RTC?
  27. Once permission is granted, whom is allowed to operated the switch?
    Only the employee who was granted permission.  That employee must lock the switch in normal position before departing the location and notify the RTC
  28. What must the employee handling the switch communicate to the engineer?
    • The position of the switch when first operated and its final use
    • That the switch is lined a locked in a normal position
    • The engineer must acknowledge these communications
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