Glossery Terms

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  1. American Society for Clinical Lab Scientists
    professional CLS organization that establishes continuing education conferences and conference activities
  2. ASCP
    American Society for Clinical Pathology
    • professional organization offering clinical and research conferences, as well as many types of continuing education activities and certification programs.
    • Board of Certification (certification)
  3. analyte
    substance that will be analyzed
  4. analytic phase
    phase in lab testing where the specimen is assessed and evaluated
  5. Image Upload
    • Median cubital vein - connects the basilica vein and cephalic vein
    • Basilic vein - most medial vein within the antecubital area. Not preferred because it lies too close to the median nerve and brachial artery.
    • Cephalic vein - located laterally to the medial plane
  6. antiseptic
    completely disinfecting the area by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms with isopropyl alcohol, iodine, and chloroxylenol.
  7. asceptic
    trying to keep the area as clean as possible, but not necessarily free from infection.
  8. assualt
    an attempt to touch another person inappropriately unless permissible by the patient
  9. beta carotene
  10. bloodborne pathogens (BBPs)
    pathogenic microorganisms including hepatitis B virus and human immunodeficiency virus that are present in the blood
  11. blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
    analytic testing procedure to determine the amount of urea in the blood
  12. brachial_artery1330919759238
    brachial artery within the cubital fossa and is used as an alternative site for ABG collections.
  13. calcaneous
    heel bone
  14. citrate
    type of anticoagulant additive for blood collection tubes; prevents blood clotting by removing calcium and forming calcium salts
  15. clinical lab improvement amendments (CLIA)
    federal guidelines that regulate all clinical labs across the UW. Regulations apply to any site that tests human specimens
  16. Clinical and Lab Standards Institute (CLSI)
    non-profit organization that recommends quality standards and guidelines for clinical lab procedures
  17. continuous quality improvement (CQI)
    a theoretical framework and management strategy to improve health care structures, processes , outcomes, and customer satisfaction It is ongoing an involves all levels of the administrative structure of an organization.
  18. culture and sensitivity
    microbiologic test to determine the growth of infectious microorganisms in boidly specimens
  19. cyanotic
    bluish coloration on the skin due to oxygen deficiency
  20. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
    patient confidentiality and personal health information
  21. hematocrit
    a lab test to analyze the concentration of RBS which provides an indirect measure of oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.
  22. fibrin
    substance that forms the basis of a blood clot
  23. ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)
    anticoagulant additive used to prevent blood0clotting sequence by removing calcium and forming calcium salts. Prevents platelet aggregation dn nnis usefulf or platelet counts and function
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