Chapter 8 Vocabulary

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  1. Mass Movement
    any type of erosion that happens as gravity moves materials downslope
  2. Slump
    a type of mass movement that occurs when a mass of material moves down a curved slope
  3. Creep
    when sediments slowly shift their position downhill
  4. Glacier
    a large mass of ice and snow moving on land under its own weight
  5. Plucking
    process that adds gravel, sand, and boulders to a glaciers bottom and sides as water freezes and thaws, breaking off pieces of surrounding rock
  6. Till
    mixture of different-sized sediments that is dropped from the base of a retreating glacier and can cover huge areas of land
  7. Moraine
    large ridge of rocks and soil deposited by a glacier when it stops moving forward
  8. Deflation
    a type of erosion that occurs when wind blows over loose sediments, removes small particles, and leaves coarser sediments behind
  9. Abrasion
    when windblown sediment strikes rock, the surface of the rock gets scraped and worn away by a process calles abrasion
  10. Loess
    windblown deposit of tightly packed, fine- grained sediments
  11. Dune
    a mound of sediments drifted by the wind
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